Sojourner's Camp

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Sojourner's Camp
Location European Dead Zone
Fallen Enemy Groups 2
Material Nodes Yes
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Outskirts

Soujourner’s Camp is a Sector in the European Dead Zone. This Sector is a small cliff-like peninsula with crates and tents spread out around the grounds, following the original landing party’s success. Despite this, Fallen have been known to roam around the area and won’t hesitate to shoot a Guardian on sight.

When it comes to Sojourner’s Camp there isn’t actually much for the player to worry about, as it’s merely considered little more than a starting area for newer players to get their bearings.

Points of Interest

In total, there are only 2 different points of interest that are worth exploring and little more else than that:

  1. Camp Site - Found in the center of the area is the main plateau, which is surrounded by woodland; with a cliff following to the west and the north as well. In this area, a small number of Fallen can be located as well.
  2. Exit to Outskirts - Following on towards the far northeast part of the map is a long, winding road that will lead to an open container that can be used as a Sparrow ramp to make it to the next area.


Scannable Objects

Inside the expanse of Sojourner’s Camp, there are a total of 3 different Scannable Objects to be found in the immediate area:

  1. To the furthermost corner of the map in the north, just by the side of a cliff is a broken, small spherical object.
  2. Towards the western side of the map from the center is the next Scannable Object, of which is a thin beacon just on the edge of another cliff.
  3. Along the lower-east side of the map is the third and final Scannable Object and comes in the form of a tarp-covered box.

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