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Location EDZ
Sector Trostland
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Skexis, Outcast Captain (Captain)
Atrium is a Lost Sector in Trostland.


This lost sector is located in the upper right corner of the Trostland, inside the church ruins. Head to the back of it and jump down the open hatches on the right. Keep descending down the tunnel and you will reach Atrium. Shoot the nearby barrel to eliminate the Dregs and Shank before proceeding. You will be swarmed by Vandals and Skexis, Outcast Captain, which will keep shooting annoying projectiles. Activate your Super and engage in close combat to quickly eliminate him. Clear out the remaining ads and open the nearby chest to complete this sector.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Atrium Lost Sector in Trostland.
The final room in the Atrium.
Skexis, Outcast Captain. The boss of the Atrium.