Penumbra GSm

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Penumbra GSm
Penumbra gsm icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Grenade Launcher
Slot Power
Rarity Uncommon
Damage Type Arc
Foundry Nadir
Archetype Precision
Description Will the long night ever end?
Blast Radius 40
Velocity 41
Stability 57
Handling 64
Reload Speed 58
Rounds Per Minute 100
Magazine 6
Zoom 13
Inventory Size 24
Aim Assistance 66
Recoil 47
Bounce Intensity 53
Bounce Direction Tends Left
Earned over the course of the Red War campaign.

Penumbra GSm is a Uncommon Grenade Launcher.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Precision frame icon1.png Precision Frame - This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Magazine / Battery

  • Confined launch icon1.png Confined Launch - This weapon's launch parameters are particularly stable.
    • Greatly increases Stability.
    • Increases Blast Radius.
    • Decreases projectile speed.
  • Countermass icon1.png Countermass - This weapon is weighted for vertical recoil.
    • Greatly controls recoil
    • Increases stability
    • Increases handling speed


  • Mini frags icon1.png Mini Frags - Grenades are smaller and more compact for easier reloading.
    • Increases magazine size.
    • Increases reload speed.
    • Decreases blast radius.

How to Obtain

Encrypted Engrams, Drops

Can be picked up during the Story Mission Hope.

PvP Profile


The default shader appears to be a worn version of Maroon Moon.


Penumbra GSm1.jpg

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