Weapons Exchange

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Weapons Exchange on the Moon.
Attention all Guardians: A Fallen arsenal shipment is en route. Intercept and destroy that hardware.
—Zavala, Weapons Exchange public event starting on the Moon.

Weapons Exchange, also known as Arsenal Walker, is a Public Event.





When the event begins, three dome-shaped blue shield barriers containing Scorch Cannons will appear in the area. The barriers cannot be passed through or fired through. Each barrier has a pair of shield generator machines attached to it.

A small group of Fallen enemies will be dropped in by a Skiff. When the initial group of enemies is defeated, a Walker will be dropped off by another Skiff. Destroying the armor on one of its legs will stun it, causing it to fall to the ground. Its weak point, the machinery in its neck, will be exposed for a short period of time before it gets back up again. Stunning the Walker will also cause it to drop three Arc Charge orbs, which can be picked up and carried around. Destroying the Walker will complete the event.

Heroic Trigger

To make the event Heroic, players must pick up the Arc Charges and put them into the shield generators next to the barriers. This will cause the barriers to disappear, allowing players to (optionally) pick up and use the Scorch Cannons inside. Depositing Arc Charges into all six shield generators will trigger the Heroic Event. A second Arsenal Walker will be flown in by a Skiff. Both Walkers must be destroyed to complete the Heroic Event.


  • The Walker's legs cannot be damaged by the cannons on a stolen Pike.
  • Destroying more than one of the first Walker's legs at the same time may cause it to spawn a large amount of Arc Charges, rather than just three. These will persist on the ground until the event is made Heroic. If the Walker is destroyed, they will remain until another Public Event is triggered. This can cause problems. For example, each orb has a waypoint marking it on players' HUDs. The large amount of waypoints can prevent other waypoints, such as patrol beacons, from showing up.