Arsenal Walker Public Event

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Arsenal Walker Public Event
EDZ Outskirts, Sunken Isles
Titan Siren's Watch, The Rig
Nessus None
Io None
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Fallen Walker
Objective Destroy the Fallen Walker.
Heroic Trigger Unlock all three weapons caches.
Heroic Objective Destroy both Fallen Walkers.
Description "Destroy the Fallen Walker"

Arsenal Walker, aka Weapons Exchange, is a Public Event.

Heroic Trigger

Destroy each of the Walker's legs.

After destroying a leg, the Walker will drop a few Arc Charges (blue orbs).

Pick up the orbs and go to blue shields that are protecting weapon caches around the area. You need 2 Arc Charges for each blue shield.

There are 3 blue shields / weapon caches so you will need 6 Arc Charges.

Unlock all weapon caches to start the Heroic Event.

Heroic Objective

Spawns a second Walker!



You cannot destroy the armor on the Walker's legs with the cannons on a stolen Pike.

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