Titan (Location)

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Titan (Location)
Location Titan
Description Saturn's largest moon, with a lost Golden Age utopia beneath its waves.
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Titan (Location) (not to be confused with Titan) is a Location in Destiny 2. One of Saturn’s many moons; Titan in the world of Destiny 2 is an incredibly large ocean with no surrounding land around it. Every structure that you stand upon is a huge structure that was built during the Golden Age to make this moon hospitable to some degree. Despite how much progress had been made on Titan, the unstable nature of the moon’s ocean causes 40-meter waves to crash against any and all structures; giving the moon a terrifying and beautiful aura that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

Not much is currently known about Titan, other than the fact that it is a giant Methane ocean and that it is likely housed to the factions of Hive and Fallen; at least for the time being that’s the speculation.

Patrol Zone

New Pacific Arcology


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