Sunken Isles

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Sunken Isles
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures No Safe Distance, Red Legion, Black Oil
Lost Sectors Skydock IV, The Quarry
Fallen Enemy Groups 1
Cabal Enemy Groups 10
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 7
Public Events Injection Rig, Weapons Exchange
Secret Public Events Ambush, High-Value Target, Interceptor Patrol, Pike Gang, Glimmer Refinery, Skirmish
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 3
Connections The Tunnels, Legion's Hold, Legion's Anchor
Sunken Isles is a Sector in EDZ, Earth.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to The Tunnels: The way into The Tunnels Sector can be found on the northeastern end of Sunken Isles, right next to the Landing Zone.
  • Exit to Legion's Hold: Following the Carrier Bay Entrance deeper into the Cabal structures will lead players to Legion's Hold.
  • Exit to Legion's Anchor: There is an air vent that players can enter inside the Cargo Bay to the south. It leads to Legion's Anchor.
  • North Islands: This area to the north of the Sector holds a number of enemies and collectibles. A Public Event can also occur here.
  • Central Islands: The central area of the Sector is dominated by these islands. Here, players can expect heavy Cabal resistance. The area is best navigated with a Sparrow.
  • Carrier Bay Entrance: This area is normally accessible only during the Strike The Arms Dealer or the Story Mission Larceny.
  • Carrier Bay Tunnel: This tunnel runs right under the carrier bay. It offers a fast way to traverse between the southern and northern portions of the Sector. There is also an entrance to a Lost Sector that can be accessed from here.
  • Landing Pad: In the southeastern section of Sunken Isles, there is a circular landing pad, complete with a control pod. The Skirmish Public Event can occur here.
  • Cargo Bay: This rather large cargo bay can be found on the southern edge of the Sector. It is crawling with Cabal foes and it contains a scannable object.

Lost Sectors

  • Skydock IV: This Lost Sector can be accessed from the Carrier Bay Tunnel area. It consists of several corridors and a generator room. Players should expect Cabal enemies with a Sub-Boss Centurion that drops a Boss Chest upon death.
  • The Quarry: The entrance to this Lost Sector is located on the eastern side of the Central Islands. Inside, players will have to navigate three chambers with one cluster of Cabal enemies each. The Sub-Boss Centurion drops a Boss Chest upon death.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • A region chest can be found on the northernmost island. It is guarded by some Fallen enemies. Beware of the toughened Vandal, since it can prove to be quite a challenge for some players.
  • Near the entrance to Skydock IV, there is a region chest hidden behind come cargo crates.
  • South of the carrier ramp, there is a region chest on the rocks. Look carefully, because it is all the way west, next to the exterior wall of the carrier bay itself.

Scannable Objects

  • Straight north of the Adventure beacon for No Safe Distance, there is a scannable object on one of the small islands.
  • South of the Landing Pad, there is a circular control pod. Inside, one of the screens is a scannable object.
  • Inside the Cargo Bay to the south, there is a scannable object attached to one of the walls.


  • The entire Sector is dominated by various Cabal enemies.
  • A group of Fallen forces can be found in the northern end of the Sector. Beware the toughened Vandal leading the rest of the cannon fodder.
  • The type and number of enemies spawned can vary greatly, depending on currently-active Public Events.

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