The Tunnels

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The Tunnels
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Payback
Cabal Enemy Groups 4
Chests No
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects 2
Connections The Gulch, Sunken Isles
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"None" is not a number.

The Tunnels is a partially unaccessible Sector in EDZ, Earth. It can only be fully accessed during the Story Mission Payback.

Points of Interest

  • Exit to The Gulch: The southwestern corner of the Sector holds a largely-barren tunnel that will lead players back to the central area of The Gulch.
  • Exit to Sunken Isles: The tunnel that leads to Sunken Isles can be found in the northwestern corner of the Sector.
  • Cabal Underground Base: Coming from The Gulch and following the tunnel north will lead players to this area. The tunnel itself will continue north to other parts of the Sector, but players can explore this small underground base. Here, there are two clusters of Cabal enemies, a scannable object, and some material nodes. Unless the Story Mission Payback is active, players will not be able to proceed further into the base and will have to make their way back to the tunnel.
  • Bridge Cavern: This area between the two exit tunnels features a couple of parallel bridges. During the Story Mission Payback, there will be some Cabal tanks and additional infantry and vehicles here. When the mission is not in progress, players should expect some regular cannon fodder and maybe a Centurion. There is a scannable object in the area.
  • Wide Tunnel: This area is not accessible unless the mission Payback is in progress. Players will have to drive a tank through this area, while they try and deal with the heavy Cabal resistance.
  • Landing Platform: This area is not accessible unless the mission Payback is in progress. It is a large landing pad that will be heavily guarded by the Cabal during the Story Mission.
  • Rocky Tunnel and Bridge: This area is not accessible unless the mission Payback is in progress. During the mission, players will have to deal with an enemy tank in this rocky area. Then, they will have to use the bridge controls and extend the bridge to proceed forward.

Scannable Objects

  • In the Cabal Underground Base area, navigate to the northwestern interior corner. There is a scannable object on the ceiling there.
  • In the Bridge Cavern, make your way to the northern end of either bridge. Look for a scannable object between the two of them.


  • The entire Sector is dominated by the Cabal.
  • The type and number of enemies may change, depending on the currently-active mission.