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Type Story Mission
Number 15
Location Sunken Isles, EDZ
Level 16
Recommended Power 160
Description Break into the Red Legion base and steal the personal shuttle of Thumos the no-longer-Unbroken.
Enemy Types Cabal, Fallen
Bosses Enforcer Rusk
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Unbroken.
Previous Unbroken
Next 1AU

Larceny is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. Upon completion of the previous mission, Unbroken, the mission's flag appears within the Sunken Isles entrance to the Red Legion base.


You begin at the location of the mission flag - follow the objective markers and enter Legion's Anchor. You will come across a scrap between the Cabal and the Fallen. Either take the enemies out or ignore them to save some ammo. Whatever you choose, go towards the upper right side on the far end of the bay and take the small corridor towards a windowed room. You might have to engage a Phalanx and a Legionary just before that room.

Looking out of the panoramic windows, you will notice that just one ship is still on a landing pad. This is the one you need to hijack. Unfortunately, your way is blocked by an energy barrier and glass, so you will need to take the scenic route.

Take a left and beware of some new units, Scorpius turrets, just around the corner. They fire rapid, heavily-damaging shots, so try to stick to cover as you take them out. Proceed through the door behind them and engage a Legionary fighting off a horde of Fallen. Then, follow the corridor to find an Elite Servitor called Teleks-5 and some more Vandals and Dregs.

With that area clear, follow your objective marker and back up as soon as the next door begins to open. A Gladiator will charge at you, backed up by two Phalanxes and a couple of Incendiors. Once they're all down, proceed through either side of the narrow corridor and as you come out of the other end, immediately take cover from two Scorpius turrets. Take them out, then fight your way forward towards the far end of the room. Once you're about halfway, a pack of War Beasts will assault your position and they will be covered by another Scorpius turret. Immediately back up to take cover from the turret and deal with the War Beasts. Then, charge the turret's position, taking it out as soon as it comes into view.

Beware any Psions in this area, as well as the second turret waiting just around the corner.

Once all of these enemies are dealt with, proceed to an open bay. Slowly make your way through the door, using the doorway as cover for as long as possible. Then, look out for a Scorpius turret just next to the ship you're planning to steal as well as a second Scorpius turret closer to the entrance. Clear the entire area, then interact with the ship and Ghost will begin unlocking it for you. At this point, you should be ready for a heavy fight.

At first, enemies will come from the bay you just came out of. Expect Legionaries, War Beasts, Gladiators, and some Psion snipers. Stand your ground and try not to use any abilities just yet. Then, some additional foes will be dropped from a ship on the adjacent landing pad. Expect Phalanxes, a normal Centurion called Controller Gronn, and some Legionaries. The third wave will be dropped right on top of the ship you are hacking and it is led by Enforcer Rusk, a Major Colossus.

For the entire encounter, make sure to watch your step. You will be dodging bullets on top of small platforms and falling off is guaranteed death. So, do not fall off.

Once the area is clear of hostiles, stand next to the ship to trigger a cinematic and complete the mission, immediately beginning the next one, 1AU.



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