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Type Story Mission
Number 14
Location EDZ
Level 15
Recommended Power 160
Description Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries---by any means necessary.
Friendly NPCs Amanda Holliday
Enemy Types Cabal
Bosses Blood Guard
Thumos, The Unbroken
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Payback
Previous Payback
Next Larceny
Unbroken banner red.png

Unbroken is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. Upon completion of the previous mission, Payback, this mission's flag appears within the grounded Red Legion carrier in the Sunken Isles


You begin the mission at the location of the mission flag. Enter Echion Hold and immediately retreat to cover. There will be a lot of Cabal already waiting for you, complete with snipers all around this quite open area. Try to engage the enemies in small groups, and try to prioritize the Phalanxes, then the Psion snipers. Once the area is relatively clear, a pack of War Beasts will arrive. Drop them before they reach your position and be mindful of additional snipers along the upper parts of this hangar.

Make sure the entire area is clear of hostiles before you proceed. If you haven't neutralized the enemies along the upper portions of the room, now is the time to do so. Either engage them from a safe distance or get up close and personal, depending on your loadout and preference.

Then, head up the shorter ramp. You will encounter some Legionaries, Psions, War Beasts, and a Centurion. Make sure to drop them all, using cover to isolate the groups as much as possible.

With your surroundings clear, let Ghost access the marked console and download the schematics of the area. Then, use the platform that will descend to get to a door a bit above you.

Move through the corridor ahead until you cross over into Echion Control and reach a trio of War Beasts and a Legionary. The door will seal itself before you can get through it, so you need to find an alternative path. Look for an air vent grate to the left of you - once you find it, shoot it, then proceed through the air vents. Take a left, jump up and look for the next air vent on your right. Destroy the grate that's blocking the way and continue through the vent to an area full of Cabal, including some new units, Gladiators.

The Gladiators are extremely dangerous in melee combat, so back up from them and aim for the helmet to deal precision damage. Do not let them get close or they can easily overpower you. Once the Gladiators are down, deal with the rest of the Cabal in this area. Take your time and try to engage enemies in small groups. This big hangar is chock-full of hostiles, so you want to clear a portion, then move forward and proceed with the next one. Going too far forward too quickly can result in you being swarmed by more Cabal than you can handle. Also, while sweeping the area, make sure to clear the sniper nests in the upper portion of the hangar.

When you reach the far end of this area, you will meet a Major Incendior, Blood Guard Centurion. He will come with a Void shield, so pack a corresponding Energy Weapon. With the shield down, aim for his head or fuel tanks for precision damage. Beware his flamethrower, as it can do damage over time and it has a somewhat wide area of effect. Drop the Blood Guard, then mop up his lesser reinforcements.

After clearing this area, jump up to a small ledge above where the sub-boss was, then head down the corridor you will find. Go through another destructible grate and a door to land in a hangar that's completely controlled by Cabal forces.

At the far end of this hangar, two Major Legionaries, Blood Guard Security units, await you. Make slow progress towards them, as you sweep any enemies along the way. Make sure to leave no Psion snipers, as they can really hurt you when you engage the Blood Guard.

Once you reach these sub-bosses, tackle them one at a time. They will most likely come with Arc shields, so you might want to switch out to that type of Energy Weapon before you jump them. Do not hesitate to use your Super and any other offensive abilities you might have if you find yourself in a pinch.

With the two Blood Guard Security units (and the rest of the cannon fodder) gone, stop and wait for your abilities to recharge. Also, equip a Solar Energy Weapon if you have one. As soon as you open the door to the next hangar, a Major Centurion, also called Blood Guard Security, will attack you, complete with a Solar shield and heavy Psion backup.

Prioritize him as a target, while Amanda Holliday stops by, letting loose her ship's weaponry on the small army behind the Blood Guard. She will do most of the work for you when it comes to lesser enemies, so just follow the Blood Guard if he tries to flee and keep shooting at him. It shouldn't take long for him to drop, but a Major Legionary (with an Arc shield), called Blood Guard Security as well, will be waiting on the far side of the hangar. It's highly likely that Amanda would have damaged him severely, so he won't be a tough fight either.

Unfortunately, this is where Holliday's help ends. Exit out of the hangar, take a right and immediately deal with the Legionary and the group of Psions you will come across. Switch to a Solar weapon and move on, following the corridors. Slow down, though, and stay in cover. You will soon be facing another Major Centurion, this time called a Blood Guard Exemplar, with a Solar shield. If you happen to bring a shotgun with you, it can be quite helpful in those relatively-narrow corridors.

With the Blood Guard down, proceed towards the bridge to finally face Thumos, The Unbroken, an Ultra Legionary. He will arrive with two Major Legionaries with Arc shields, one called Blood Guard Bulwark and the other called Blood Guard Close Security, so take them out first to have less high-damage targets to worry about. If you are going to use your Super on them, do it early, so it can recharge before the battle ends. Also, you are much quicker than them, so use this to your advantage and keep moving. Do not let them get into melee range, or you will be killed faster than you expect.

Then, focus on Thumos and do the same. Keep away from him and aim for the head until a third of his health is gone. If he unsheathes his sword, be ready to jump away. You do not want to battle him up close and personal.

When he drops to two thirds of his health, he will summon some regular Cabal infantry (Legionaries and Psions) and retreat to the central platform. Take cover from his fire and take out the cannon fodder, then engage him once more. Repeat the same strategy as before until another third of his health is gone.

Once he has only one third of health left, he will summon a pack of War Beasts and some Psions. Take out all but one of the War Beasts first, then focus on the Psions. Once they're down, kill the final War Beast, and a Gladiator will spawn. Keep a safe distance from the Gladiator and aim for his head until he drops. Then, continue fighting Thumos just as before. He will not call in any other reinforcements, so feel free to use your offensive abilities as you see fit.

Once Thumos dies, the mission will be completed after a delay, transporting you to a spot in the Sunken Isles close to the Red Legion base.



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