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1AU banner red.png

Type Story Mission
Number 16
Location The Almighty
Level 16
Recommended Power 170
Description The time has come to stop the Almighty. Board the ship, and shut down its annihilation weapon.
Enemy Types Cabal
Bosses Purifier Vurst
Previous Larceny
Next Chosen
1AU is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign which begins immediately upon completion of the previous one, Larceny. The entire mission takes place in a unique destination, The Almighty.


You begin the mission on a landing pad within the Starboard Landing region of The Almighty - look left and deal with the enemies in sight. Fight your way through the platform on the left, then jump on top of some pipes and towards the half-circle platform before you. Deal with whatever hostiles you encounter, which will mainly consist of Psions and Legionaries for now.

Circle around this platform and head up the short stairwell, looking out for the Scorpius turret straight ahead. Clear the Psions and the Gladiator you will encounter on this same platform and interact with the terminal on the right side to extend the bridge. Then, run across. As soon as the pack of War Beasts charge you, back up and deal with them while dodging the missiles from the dropships.

The ships will leave almost immediately, so don't worry about them too much. Instead, fight your way across the bridge. On the other side, neutralize all enemies in the area and head into the interior of The Almighty. Go through a couple of doors and follow the corridor onwards, and you will soon cross over into Mineral Processing.

When you reach the next door, it will open up towards a large rocky area. Take a right towards the tunnel and eliminate the two Legionaries patrolling the area. Then, make your way to the far end of the room through a couple more Legionaries and prepare for a tough battle. Pick up the fusion core at the far right side of the small rectangular platform and deposit it in the nearby reactor to power up the drill and clear the way forward. Then, stand your ground.

You will be swarmed by an overwhelming Cabal force that includes War Beasts, Legionaries, Phalanxes, Gladiators, Incendiors, and finally a Major Centurion, Purifier Vurst. They will come in several waves, but the next wave will not wait for the first to be demolished. So, kill enemies quickly, stay mobile, and try not to engage in a melee fight with anything, especially the Gladiators and War Beasts.

If you're having any problems with this part, do not hesitate to your Super or Power Ammo.

Once the area is clear, the tunnel through the drill will open. Proceed until you cross over into Sunside and reach a large door on the right, then immediately back up to deal with the charging War Beasts.Once they're down, push forward and look out for some Legionaries and Incendiors. There will also be a Gladiator on the far end of this narrow room, so try to prioritize it. Then, follow the room to a small corridor and out to the exterior of The Almighty.

Unfortunately, you will now be exiting on the side pointed at the Sun. So, stick to the shadows or you will get badly burned. Run from the door to the first shadow just up ahead. Then, look right for the nearest shadow to sprint to. Make your way from one shadow to the next towards a couple of Legionaries. Drop them, while making sure not to step out from your cover for too long. Fortunately, the Sun burn affects the Red Legion enemies here as well as yourself, so you can let them get burned while approaching your position if needed.

Once you reach the far end, take a left and drop down to a narrow bridge to the first shadow. Then, deal with the Legionaries in your immediate surroundings, sprint to the second shadow, then hop up to the one above the door ahead of you. Take a left and look around. You want to reach the far right end of this area. Just make your way from one shadow to the next, while taking down whatever hostiles present themselves. Keep in mind that enemies are also affected by the Sun, so it will soften them up a bit if they chase you from one shadow to the next.

Head inside as soon as the opportunity presents itself, go through the second door and take a left to a long, narrow chamber. Once you are halfway through it, you will be attacked by another group of Cabal. Expect Gladiators, War Beasts, Phalanxes, Incendiors, and sniper Psions. By now you should know what to prioritize, so deal with them however you wish. Once the area is clear, go towards the light at the far end and look up.

Next, look up and make your way up the circular opening, jumping from one platform to the other. Once you reach the top, proceed forward and take a right to encounter some more Phalanxes and a Gladiator, backed up by some Legionaries. As you move forward, more of the same enemies will appear in the corridor. Watch out for the Gladiators, because you won't have much room to maneuver.

The next area you reach will be full of Psions, but as you take them out, more enemies will present themselves, including an Elite Colossus called Bruiser Thurn. Be mindful of the spinning gears in the center. Dropping on them is a guaranteed death and you don't want that, considering you are in a Restricted Zone. Fight the enemies as they come or just ignore them all and hop in the tube on the right side, which will propel you forward. While you are traveling, look right for a magnificent view of the Sun.

Once you're dropped, you will find yourself within Light's End - make your way towards the well-lit pipe opening ahead, then drop down through it, take an immediate left, and go through the door to surprise some Legionaries and some normal Psions called Electron Controllers. At this point, it is recommended to grab one of the Cabal Interceptors - unlike the Interceptors found elsewhere, the Interceptors found here can boost indefinitely and fire both cannons at once rather than alternating between the two cannons.

Proceed forward, making your way through the appearing enemies until you reach The Almighty's weapon systems. Once there, use your Interceptor to fight to the two turbines. There will be some grates blocking your shots, but they will open between The Almighty's shots, so just stand your ground if access to the turbines is blocked. Destroy the two turbines and a third, much larger one will open up. Deal with it too as quickly as you can.

Once the third turbine stops spinning, you need to enter it on foot. Inside, grab the exposed fusion core and head through the narrow tunnel, dodging the glowing red portions of the floor to the best of your abilities. Deposit the fusion core at the marked spot, then immediately turn around and jump on top of the platform, just above the door you came from.

Then, run forward to reach your escape vehicle before the timer runs out and you will complete the mission, immediately beginning the final mission of the Red War campaign, Chosen.



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