Interceptor Patrol

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Interceptor Patrol
EDZ The Gulch, Firebase Hades, Sunken Isles
Titan None
Nessus None
Io None
Mercury The Lighthouse
Enemy Types Psion
Description “An Interceptor is patrolling the area”
Interceptor Patrol is a Secret Public Event.


When this event begins, a Cabal Interceptor, piloted by a Psion, is spawned and starts roaming the area. Players have approximately four minutes to kill the Psion pilot or destroy the Interceptor, which will complete the event.

Whenever the player gets near a Psion-piloted Interceptor, they first receive the message "The growl of an approaching Interceptor..." as they close in, then "An Interceptor is passing through" when they are about to be in range to fire upon the Interceptor.


The Cabal Interceptor if it wasn't destroyed in the fight.

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