Firebase Hades

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Firebase Hades
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Unsafe at Any Speed, Anti-Anti-Air
Lost Sectors The Pit, Excavation Site XII, Pathfinder's Crash
Fallen Enemy Groups 1
Cabal Enemy Groups 6
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 8
Public Events Glimmer Extraction, Ether Resupply
Secret Public Events Interceptor Patrol, Pike Gang, Skirmish
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 4
Connections The Gulch, Legion's Anchor, Winding Cove
Firebase Hades is a Sector in EDZ, Earth.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to The Gulch: In the northeastern end of the Sector, players will find the path that leads to The Gulch.
  • Exit to Legion's Anchor: In the western end of the Pillar Cargo Bay (West), there is an open hatch. Going through it and following the ducts behind it will lead players to Legion's Anchor.
  • Exit to Winding Cove: Following the main road south will eventually lead players to the exit to Winding Cove. Beware of the Cabal just off the road, on the nearby beach.
  • Main Road: The main road of the Sector runs on the eastern edge of the Sector. It connects the exits to Winding Cove to the south and The Gulch to the north.
  • Sunken Dish Arena: This arena in the central area of the Sector is where a large Public Event takes place. Other than that, it is simply an open area that players can traverse on their way to other parts of the Sector.
  • Pillar Cargo Bay (North): This huge support pillar actually doubles a two-story cargo area. A small tunnel runs below it.
  • Pillar Cargo Bay (West): On the western edge of the Sector, there is a second pillar that is also a cargo bay. Much bigger than the North one, this area also holds the air vents that lead to Legion's Anchor. This cargo bay is heavily guarded.
  • Pillar Control Room: The southeastern pillar holds a control room that overlooks the Sunken Dish Arena. It also features a small access tunnel underneath and a group of Cabal guards.

Lost Sectors

  • The Pit: Near the Pillar Cargo Bay (West), there is a lost sector with two entrances. It is also a two-story cargo area with some Cabal opposition inside. Killing the Sub-Boss Centurion will award players with a Boss Chest.
  • Excavation Site XII: About halfway through the Main Road, there is a wooded area to the east. There, players will find the entrance to this Lost Sector. Inside, they will have to jump over a bottomless chasm and drop the Sub-Boss Centurion to receive a Boss Chest.
  • Pathfinder's Crash: The entrance to this Lost Sector can be found east of the main road, at the same level as the road itself. It consists of a cavern with a stream and some Cabal enemies. Killing the Sub-Boss Incendior will award players with a Boss Chest.


  • Unsafe at Any Speed: Look for the Adventure beacon for this mission west of the Sunken Dish Arena, near the entrance to one of the Lost Sectors.
  • Anti-Anti-Air: The Adventure beacon for this mission can be found west of the main road, just before the exit to Sunken Isles.

Public Events



Region Chests

  • On the southern side of Pillar Cargo Bay (West), near the ramp to the Lost Sector, there is a region chest. It is located in a tunnel entrance above a gantry platform.
  • There is a region chest on the northern edge of the wooded area, east of the main road. It is on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the main arena.
  • Inside the Pillar Control Room, find the chamber with the hologram in the center. Then, look up and jump on the gantry that runs around the entire room. A region chest can be found in one of the alcoves there.

Scannable Objects

  • In the northwestern edge of the Sector, there is a scannable object hidden behind a stack of missiles.
  • Slightly north of the Landing Zone, just east of the road there is a scannable object behind one of the trees.
  • Straight southwest of the Sunken Arena, look for a stack of missiles with a platform just above it. There is a scannable object up on the platform.
  • When following the Main Road south, there is a scannable object just east of the road. It can be found right before the exit to Winding Cove, hidden in some trees.


  • The entire Sector is crawling with various Cabal enemies.
  • There is a small Fallen base in the woods, east of the main road.
  • Depending on currently-active Public Events, the type and number of enemies may vary wildly.

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