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Type Adventures
Number 12
Location Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 160
Description Infiltrate the Red Legion base and disable their network of flak turrets.
Enemy Types Cabal
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Unbroken.
Previous Stop and Go
Next Supply and Demand
Items Upgrade Point
Anti-Anti-Air is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 160

Equipment Recommendations:

  • A source of Solar damage is recommended, as the Adventure takes place in Cabal territory.
  • The more difficult battles occur in confined spaces, so plan accordingly.
  • Having at least one mid- to long-range weapon could prove useful.


Your first objective is to eliminate a designated Elite Psion called a Turret Machinist. He will have some backup, so make sure to eliminate all enemies on site. Then, collect the Red Legion intelligence the Machinist will drop.

Next up, you must make your way to Legion's Anchor. Head over to the western side of Firebase Hades and into the vehicle bay marked by your objective marker. Once there, clear the area of any hostiles and enter the air vent on the far wall. Keep following the ventilation shaft until you reach the exit, then follow your objective marker to the right. Climb on top of the stacked crates and go up through the hatch above. Follow this passage to enter Legion's Anchor, which will be a Restricted Zone for the duration of this Adventure.

Your objective will update and you will have to eliminate an Elite Psion called Curator Arrox. Neutralize your target and any other hostiles in the area, then pick up the access code the Psion dropped. Your objective will update once again and you will have to follow your marker further into the structure.

You will come across a ledge that overlooks the turret platform, but you will find a Red Legion shield barrier in your way - you still have some fighting to do. Keep following your objective marker until you find an Elite Legionary called Warden Derg. Kill it and it will drop another access code for you to pick up. Use it to lower the force field blocking your way and press on.

This is where things get interesting, as you will have to hack five different consoles to drop some force fields. The lack of force fields will leave some key points of the seven turrets vulnerable, so you will have to destroy those. It's not a simple task, especially considering the heavy Cabal resistance you will come across. There will be both standard and named variations of just about any Cabal unit imaginable, so prioritize your targets and clear your immediate surroundings before focusing on the objectives. (The Elite units that spawn here include Security Chief Kolg (Phalanx), Defender Harn (Legionary), Defender Born (Legionary), and Enforcer Karch (Phalanx).)

When it comes to dealing with the objective itself, make sure to follow the objective markers. Hacking a console will mark the weak points of the turrets you need to bring down. Once you've destroyed the first four, drop down to the nearby footbridge. Then, follow your marker to the remaining targets. Expect them to be heavily guarded as well, so be prepared for battle. Repeat the process of hacking consoles and destroying turrets, but watch your back. Your actions will spawn additional enemies. (One Elite unit spawns here initially: Ordnance Keeper Tulg, an Incendior.)

Once all seven turrets are down, your objective will be to destroy two generators. There will be one under each of the Goliath tanks you can see nearby. Before you blow them to bits, make sure you are ready for an enemy retaliation strike.

The group of enemies that arrives will be lead by Taskmaster Vazar. He's an Elite Colossus that can cause you a lot of problems if you're not careful. Wipe out the enemy forces, then focus on Vazar. Once he falls, he will drop a security access code for you to loot.

At this point, your objective will update. Follow it to a junction box that you will have to shoot. Keep a safe distance as you open fire on it, as this will trigger an explosive chain reaction. When your objective updates once more, head towards the waypoint and back to Firebase Hades.

Then, follow your objective marker to a designated console. Interact with it to end the Adventure and collect your reward.