Supply and Demand

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Supply and Demand
File:(heroic) supply and demand icon1.jpg
Type Adventures
Number 13
Location Trostland, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 170
Description An old friend is looking for Red Legion supplies to... reappropriate. Scour Fallen territory for anything to scavenge.
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses S.A.B.E.R-0.6
Prerequisite Completion of all Story Mission.
Previous Anti-Anti-Air
Next None
Equipment Trax Dynia, Rare Gear
Supply and Demand is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 170 (first time?) / 140 (subsequent times?)

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Prioritize Arc-based weapons.
  • Try to bring at least one mid- to long-range weapon.


The first objective of this Adventure will have you go to a building near the church. Head into it and loot the chest on the second floor. Then, head for Maevic Square. Follow your objective marker and it will lead you to a Cabal cache. Keep in mind that once you enter Maevic Square, it will become a Restricted Zone.

Once there, you will come across a fight between forces of the Fallen and the Cabal. Each side will have two named enemies, but you can ignore those for the time being. Instead, focus on the Scorpius turrets in the area. Then, turn your attention to the battle and make sure to wipe out both sides.

Once you have cleared your surroundings, go to the marked area and plant a landing beacon. A ship will come and pick the cache up. This will also lower a nearby energy barrier that was blocking your way until now. Follow your objective marker through the now-open way and to a stash of stolen outpost supplies. Jump on top of the supplies and prepare to hold your position before you transmat them.

Once the supplies vanish, the Fallen will mount a retaliation. Three waves of Fallen enemies will assault your position. When they spawn in, make sure to focus on any Tracer Shanks and Exploder Shanks, as the rest of the enemies will not be able to hurt you as much. Utilize cover to the best of your abilities through the whole encounter.

The second wave will come with a Fallen Captain and an Elite Servitor, Merix-5. Deal with it however you see fit, but save your Super and Power Ammo. If you can, try to clear lesser enemies first and leave Merix-5 for last, but if it's not possible to avoid his fire long enough, make sure you focus on him.

The final wave will also feature an Elite Captain, Relentless Shog (?), but he's not your biggest concern. Just use an Arc weapon to drop his shield, then chip away at his health. The Ultra Heavy Shank that will spawn near the end of the battle is far more dangerous and it's the enemy you should worry about. Its name is S.A.B.E.R-0.6 and it can do some massive damage, as well as take a lot of punishment. Eliminate all lesser foes before dealing with it. This is the time to use your Super and Power Ammo.

Once all Fallen are dropped, the Adventure will conclude and you will receive your reward.