Maevic Square

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Maevic Square
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone No
Fallen Enemy Groups 1
Chests No
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Trostland, The Reservoir
"None" is not a number.
"None" is not a number.

Maevic Square is a Sector in EDZ, Earth.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Trostland: Under normal circumstances, this is the only way in and out of the Sector. It goes through some ruined buildings that lead back to Trostland.
  • Plaza: This is the only actually accessible area in the Sector under normal circumstances. Here, players can find all three scannable objects of Maevic Square, as well as some material nodes, and a cluster of Fallen enemies.
  • East Street: This area is blocked by an energy barrier unless a specific mission is active. It is a short street that heads east from Maevic Square.
  • East Tunnel: This area can be entered from the East Street. Players will not spend a lot of time in this dead-end tunnel.
  • Coastal Plaza: This large open area must be traversed in order to enter The Reservoir.
  • Exit to The Reservoir: This area can only be accessed during the Lake of Shadows Strike. A hole in the wall will lead into the Strike's main Sector.
  • Long Street: This area can only be accessed during specific missions. It is a long winding street that leads uphill to the north portion of the Sector.
  • Collapsed Bridge Clearing: The northeastern portion of the Sector holds a collapsed freeway bridge and a blocked tunnel.

Scannable Objects

  • North of the main plaza, there is a ruined bus. Just to the west of it, a small leafy alcove holds a scannable object.
  • On the northeastern end of the plaza, there is a covered crate that is a scannable object.
  • A scannable object can be found on the southern end of the main plaza.


  • Under regular circumstances, a single cluster of Fallen enemies will be present at the main plaza.
  • The type and number of enemies outside the main plaza depend on the currently-active missions.

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