Stop and Go

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Stop and Go
Type Adventures
Number 11
Location The Gulch, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 160
Description Power generators in the Red Legion base are open to attack, but only for a short time. Speed into the subterranean complex, and shut them down.
Enemy Types Cabal
Bosses Ja'gad
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Unbroken.
Previous No Safe Distance
Next Anti-Anti-Air
Equipment Whip Scorpion-3MG, Rare Gear
Stop and Go is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 160

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Prioritize Solar damage for this Adventure, as it will lead you through Cabal territory.
  • A weapon that works well in confined spaces is a must.
  • A long-range weapon could prove useful.


First, head towards The Tunnels, making sure to stop and engage all Cabal enemies you encounter. They will drop maintenance access codes and you will need three of those to proceed. By the time you get to The Tunnels, you should have gathered enough codes.

Once you have the codes, follow your objective marker to the Cabal base inside The Tunnels. Keep in mind that The Tunnels will be a Restricted Zone for the duration of the Adventure.

At the base's entrance, there will be a force field blocking your way. Eliminate all nearby enemies and interact with the marked console to lower it. Now would be a good time to make sure your loadout is adequate, as the next objective is pretty time-sensitive.

Proceed down the corridor and you will reach another force field. You will have to destroy its generator to lower it, but this will start a 30-second countdown. You must now rush towards the next force field and destroy its generator before you run out of time. If you fail to do so, a base-wide alarm will be triggered and you will have a much harder battle to deal with. Each generator you destroy will add 30 seconds to the countdown and there will be five of them to blast.

If the alarm sounds, additional enemies will spawn and they might even spawn behind you, so it is recommended to not waste any time. If you don't manage to complete the objective on time, though, try not to panic and just defend yourself to the best of your abilities, as you press on.

Now that you have made your way through the corridor, you will have nine more generators to deal with. These will not trigger any alarms, so take your time if you wish. The area will be heavily guarded and it will also feature a boss Centurion named Ja'gad. All nine generators will have objective markers, so just destroy them one by one while trying to stay alive. Once the ninth generator is blown to bits, clear the area by starting with lesser foes and leaving the boss for last.

Once the exposed generators are done with, head over to your objective marker. It will lead you to several pylons, protected by force fields. Use their control panels to lower the fields, then open fire on the generators that get exposed. Destroy them all to complete the Adventure and claim your reward.