Glimmer Refinery

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Glimmer Refinery
EDZ Sunken Isles
Titan None
Nessus The Tangle
Io None
Enemy Types Fallen, Heavy Shank, Servitor
Description “Disrupt the Fallen's covert drilling operation”
Glimmer Refinery is a Secret Public Event.


The Glimmer Refinery is similar to the Glimmer Extraction Public Event. The difference between the two is that the Glimmer Refinery is much smaller in scale.

Guardians will be disrupting a Glimmer drilling operation, lead by the Fallen. The event consists of several enemy waves with increasing difficulty. If players destroy the Glimmer refineries in the area before the third wave, the final wave will spawn a Heavy Shank. Otherwise, a special Servitor will be spawned. Defeating either of the two completes the event.


Glimmer, Boss Chest