Thief of Thieves

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Thief of Thieves
Type Adventures
Number 01
Starting NPC Sloane
Location Siren's Watch, Titan
Recommended Power 750
Description Recover the supplies that the Fallen have taken.
Enemy Types Fallen
Prerequisite Speak to Sloane after completing the Story Mission Riptide.
Previous None
Next Bad Neighbors
Items Lionheart, Rare Gear
Thief of Thieves is an Adventure in Titan.


Recommended Power: 750

Equipment Recommendations:

  • This adventure will have you fighting Fallen. Bringing an Arc-based weapon is recommended.


Your first order of business is to locate some Fallen Suppy Thieves, eliminate five of them, and collect the plasma welders they will drop. The Supply Thieves will avoid fighting, so look for fast-moving Fallen and try to neutralize them before they manage to hide.

Once you have the five tools, follow your objective marker towards the Sinking Docks. Be mindful of clusters of enemies along the way and keep your eyes open for any cloaked Marauders. Your marker will lead you to the Fallen cache that will be guarded by a group of enemies led by a Captain. The Captain will carry a shrapnel launcher, so try not to get hit by his attacks.

After you clear the area, scan the cache with your Ghost. This will update your objective and you will have to follow your marker towards the nearby room and up to a ledge. Once there, you will have to deal with a toughened Supply Thief. Eliminate it, collect the shattered dials it will drop, and clear any other threats in your immediate surroundings.

Following your objective marker, you will come across another Supply Thief that flees the moment it sees you. Before you run after it, make sure you have your equipment in order. This particular enemy is somewhat tougher than the ones you have encountered so far and it has some backup. Expect some Tracer Shanks, Exploder Shanks, and Vandals. The fight will take place in a confined space, so you might want to equip a weapon fit for close-quarter combat.

Once you have prepared, follow your objective marker into the Fallen ambush. On your way in, make sure to focus on the Shanks first. Take out the Exploder ones, then drop the Tracer variations that managed to survive the explosions. Once all Shanks are dealt with, neutralize the Vandals and, finally, focus on the Supply Thief.

This enemy will mostly stick to cover, so you might have to move in close to flush him out. If you have to, use your abilities and Power Ammo, but don't overdo it. You will need those a bit later as well.

Once the Supply Thief is down, collect the beacon he will drop and backtrack to the Fallen cache. Keep in mind that Sinking Docks will become a Restricted Zone once you return to the cache.

At the cache's location, you will have to plant the beacon in the marked area. Before doing so, prepare to stand your ground against a significant Fallen force.

For the duration of this encounter, make sure you stay near the beacon. Otherwise, the transmat progress will be halted and this will only make the battle longer. The faster you complete this objective, the fewer enemies you will have to deal with.

Keep an eye on your motion tracker to avoid getting flanked and make use of whatever cover you can find. Do not hesitate to use any and all offensive abilities you have available. The enemy's strength will be in its numbers, so try to neutralize them faster than they spawn. When the shielded leader appears near the end of the transmat process, make sure you drop him.

Once the transmat process is complete, wipe out the remaining Fallen in the area. This will complete the Adventure and you will receive your reward.

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