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Type Adventures
Number 04
Location The Rig, Titan
Recommended Power 70
Description Clear out the Knight that’s keeping Sloane’s crews from their work.
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Karlog, the Unliving
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Utopia.
Previous Siren Song
Next None
Items Guseva-C, Rare Gear
Deathless is an Adventure in Titan.


Recommended Power: 70

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will mostly be dealing with Hive forces during this adventure. Bring a source of Solar damage.
  • The majority of this Adventure will take place in confined spaces, but a mid- to long-range weapon could prove useful at times.


Beginning this Adventure, you will have to follow your objective marker straight to the Adventure's boss - Karlog, the Unliving. However, attacking him at this point would be futile, because he will be protected by an impenetrable shield.

Instead, avoid his attacks and scout the area for an Attendant Wizard. Neutralizing him will drop Karlog's Damage Shield, so you can now focus on him. Avoid using any abilities and Power Ammo. Just drop him the same way you would any other Knight.

Once he's dead, follow your objective marker to a nearby plaza. Once you arrive, you will find a just-resurrected Karlog. Clear the area, drop the Attendant Wizard, then kill Karlog again. Make sure you start with the lesser units. There will be some Thralls, Cursed Thralls, and Acolytes around.

Once you're done killing Karlog for the second time, follow your objective marker into Festering Halls. Keep in mind that Festering Halls will be a Restricted Zone for the remainder of the Adventure.

Before you drop down, use the high ground to deal with whatever lesser threats you can see below you. Then, drop down and push forward. Karlog will already be there, so keep your guard up. Also, this time you will have to Attendant Wizards to drop before you can focus on this extremely persistent Knight.

After neutralizing Karlog for the third time, press on. You will reach a room with three inactive Shrieker turrets. Do not be fooled, as they will soon wake up. Before you proceed, make sure you're ready to stand your ground against a significant Hive force, including the three Shriekers.

Once you're ready, investigate the sealed passage and immediately head for cover, because the first Shrieker will activate. When you destroy it, additional Hive units will assault your position. Deal with them as you see fit and take cover the moment you drop the last one while the second Shrieker activates.

Hive enemies will keep attacking your position until you have destroyed all three Shriekers, so make sure to survive this encounter by whatever means necessary.

Once you're done with the Hive assault and the turrets, you will have to face Karlog one final time. He's protected by a single Attendant Wizard and some regular Hive troops. However, keep in mind that there are explosive canisters all over the room. Keep your safe distance from them during the firefight, as one stray shot could blow you up. You can also use them to drop the boss with relative ease once his shield is down.

Killing Karlog for the fourth (and thankfully last) time will complete the Adventure.