Festering Halls

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Festering Halls
Location Titan
Zone New Pacific Arcology
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Utopia
Hive Enemy Groups 3
Chests No
Material Nodes Yes
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Solarium
Festering Halls is a Sector in New Pacific Arcology, Titan. It is partially inaccessible under regular conditions. The Sector can be explored in full only during the Story Mission Utopia.

Points of Interest

  • Lobby: This sunken area is overgrown with various plants. Hive enemies are also active here. There are also three scannable objects in the area. If players drop down from the ledge they start on, they will no longer be able to exit the area via the chambers to Solarium.
  • Lower Corridor: This corridor is full of Hive enemies that can prove hard to notice in the darkness. Make sure to move forward slowly, checking every angle for hostiles.
  • Main Hall: This relatively large area will have a variety of Hive enemies to fight, including an Ogre at the eastern end. It is also the last area of the Sector players can explore unless the Story Mission Utopia is in progress.
  • Elevator Shaft: This area is just east of the Main Hall and can only be accessed during the Utopia mission. It consists of a series of vertical drops that lead deeper in the Festering Halls.
  • Descent: This area consists of various maintenance passageways that lead to the Core Chamber.
  • Core Chamber: Dropping into this chamber, make sure you land on a solid platform. Falling into the bottomless pit below will instantly kill you. Your objective here is to jump to the central platform and pick up the fusion core in the middle, then run as fast as you can for the exit.
  • APC Hangar and Hive Tunnels: The moment you exit the Core Chamber, hop into one of the tanks in front of you and drive it through the Hive Tunnels. Do not stop to kill enemies, simply floor it until you reach the next area.
  • Landing Pad: Driving (or walking) to this area will conclude the Utopia mission and you will be transported out of the Sector.

Scannable Objects

All three scannable objects in the Sector are in the Lobby area. They can be found at the following locations:

  • There is a scannable object on the northern end of the sunken Lobby.
  • On the eastern side, by a large pillar in a well-lit area, there is a scannable object. It looks like a sharp rock or some kind of a grey Hive pod on the floor.
  • On the southern end of the Lobby, there is a door that cannot be accessed. Just in front of it, there is a scannable object.


  • The entire Sector will be crawling with various Hive enemies.