Witches' Ritual Public Event

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Witches' Ritual Public Event
EDZ None
Titan The Rig
Nessus None
Io None
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Hive Wizard, Darkblade Knight
Objective Kill the Boss Wizard before time runs out.
Heroic Trigger Destroy the two crystals that appear after killing the first two Wizards.
Heroic Objective Destroy the Darkblade Knight
Description "Disrupt the Hive Wizards' dark chant"

Witches' Ritual is a Public Event.

Heroic Trigger

Destroy 2 crystals at the top left and top right portions of the portal. Because the Wizards are protected by shields, you need to remove the shields by standing in the hex circles when they are lit up. Hex circles are located on the floor towards the opposite side of portal.

Heroic Objective

Spawns a giant Knight with a giant Axe.