Escalation Protocol

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Escalation Protocol
Escalation Protocol banner.png
Location Mars
Expansion Warmind
Description Rasputin has drawn out the Hive to end their threat once and for all. Brave the horde and leave nothing standing.

Escalation Protocol is a public arena added in Warmind.


Escalation Protocol follows a general horde clearing & boss killing structure. Complete all objectives before a time expires. Most levels have four waves with the following structure:

  1. Activate the incursion site
  2. Exterminate most Hive
  3. Locate and disable Hive Shadowrifts
  4. Exterminate most Hive
  5. Exterminate all Hive bosses

During each level, an "armory" will become corrupted. If one interacts with it while in possession of a Rasputin Armory Code, the "corruption diminishes, and Rasputin bestows a gift" of a Subroutine Valkyrie activation. This gives the player a Valkyrie to slay the hive with, though it is best to use this Valkyrie wisely as Armory Codes are uncommon and it will quickly deplete its ammunition.

Activating and completing Patrols will not interrupt Escalation Protocol, so it is recommended to take any which are relevant to the slaying of Hive for easy experience and rewards.

If a Public Event occurs while a group is attempting Escalation Protocol on levels 1 to 5, the following level will be immediately started at the location of the Public Event. The level's objective will state, Complete the Heroic Event and exterminate all Hive bosses with only 1 wave present. The event will play as a mash of the normal Public Event with difficult Escalation Protocol enemies spawning, as well as the level's boss spawning immediately.

Visiting Ana Bray and crafting an Encrypted Cache Key before starting Escalation Protocol is recommended. Completing 7 levels with it in your inventory (does not have to be consecutive) turns it into a Decrypted Cache Key which can be used to open a chest which spawns on Level 7 after defeating the final boss.


Level 1

Wave 2 introduces Hive Shadowrifts, which appear as green runes upon the floor with 3 floating shielded crystals. A pack of 3 Acolytes spawn from the rift periodically. Players must stand upon the green rune in order to dispel the crystals' protective shield. Destroying each of the crystals closes the Shadowrift, and spawns a Severing Knight. Defeating him drops his blade, which can be used to defeat most Hive with ease. While equipped, this sword will charge its own Super Ability, which results in a powerful slam attack and a shockwave pulsing in front of you.

Wave 4 concludes the level with a boss fight against Shambling Torrent, an exceptionally large Ogre. He does not have as much health as other bosses, nor does he have any special mechanics, but he should put up a fair fight for less seasoned groups.

Level 2

Wave 2 has yet another Shadowrift to be closed. Wave 4 concludes the level with a boss fight against Soaring Keen, an exceptionally tanky Wizard. She is highly mobile and holds the greatest health of all Level 1-6 Escalation Protocol bosses. She is very difficult to defeat, and is meant to be a gauge of the team's ability to handle Escalation Protocol. If she can be defeated within a fair time, then the rest of Escalation Protocol's bosses should also be defeatable in a fair time.

Level 3

Wave 1 introduces Dread Unhallowed Hive, which are even more powerful than normal Unhallowed Hive. These Hive should be treated as targets worthy of Power Weapon usage, if a player encounters one while away from the group. All enemies are capable of spawning as Dread Unhallowed from this point on.

Wave 2 introduces the aspect of several Shadowrifts appearing at once. Two will spawn on this wave. It is recommended that an equal portion of the team splits between each shadowrift, so 3 per rift if the group consists of 6 players, etc.

Wave 3 concludes the level with a boss fight against Choking Blade, a large Hive Vanquisher. Level 3's Wave 3 is unique in that the Hive Boss does not wait for Wave 4 to spawn. This means it is very possible for the whole group to take the Severing Knight's blades from Wave 2 and charge Choking Blade.

Level 3 gifts the group a chest upon completion, which holds Rare loot, Mars Tokens, and very rarely the Pacific Deception Sparrow and Groundswell Nullifier99 Ship.

Level 4

Wave 2 still has two Shadowrifts, just like Level 3. Wave 4 concludes the level with a notably harder boss enemy. A duo of giant dark Hive Knights named Deafening Blast, accompanied by a Renewal Wizard, must be defeated. The Knights have a powerful AoE slam attack if one gets near them, and the Wizard will heal the Knights slowly if they are nearby her. More Hive will also attack you during this boss battle than usual, so be wary of them.

Both Knights must be defeated in order to clear the wave, however the Renewal Wizard is considered optional, so it is best to simply outdamage her healing aura.

Level 5

Wave 2 increases the difficulty of the Shadowrifts phase by having 3 Shadowrifts spawn. Wave 4 concludes the level with two Shambling Torrents and another Renewal Wizard accompanying them.

Like with Level 3, a chest will spawn at the end of Level 5 containing Rare loot, Mars Tokens, and very rarely the Pacific Deception Sparrow and Groundswell Nullifier99 Ship.

Level 6

Wave 2 is very similar to the last level's Wave 2, with 3 Shadowrifts spawning. Wave 4 concludes with a duo of dark knights named Deafening Blast and a Renewal Wizard.

Level 7

Level 7 is the finale of Escalation Protocol. 5 unique bosses cycles every week, in the following order:

  1. Nur Abath, Crest of Xol — A large Ogre who gains an indestructible shield when any Hive are nearby him. Kill all lesser monsters and then damage Nur Abath as quickly as you can before more spawn in.
  2. Kathok, Roar of Xol — A large Vanquisher who has a shield which can only be destroyed by the blades of Severing Knights who spawn during the battle. Once his shield is down, he can be damaged by normal weaponry from a safe distance.
  3. Damkath, the Mask — A large Ogre who is immune to all damage from the front, but has a weak spot on his back. It is best to split your team so one group can be firing on him at most times. Be cautious to not run around his feet very often as he will slam attack and track anyone who does, making it even harder for the team to hit his weak point.
  4. Naksud, the Famine — A large Ogre who is always vulnerable to damage, but he will spawn special Cursed Thralls who rush for him and heal him upon detonation. It is best to minimize the amount of enemies on the battlefield at all times, so it is easier to focus fire upon the Cursed Thralls when they spawn in. Nightstalkers should consider placing Shadowshots in strategic locations to tether the thralls before they can reach the boss.
  5. Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol — A large Knight who is always vulnerable to damage, but has an incredible amount of health. He will spawn in Battery Acolytes frequently, who drop several Orbs of Light on death. Super abilities will be the best means of damaging the boss.


Guaranteed 1 piece of armor from level 7 chest, the rest of the rewards are random. Weapons drop from certain level 7 bosses.

Armor Sets

Midnight exigent helm icon1.jpgMidnight exigent plate icon1.jpg
Midnight exigent gauntlets icon1.jpgMidnight exigent greaves icon1.jpg
Midnight Exigent Armor Set
Titan Titan
Abhorrent Imperative Mask.pngAbhorrent Imperative Vest.png
Abhorrent Imperative Grasps.pngAbhorrent Imperative Strides.png
Abhorrent Imperative Armor Set
Hunter Hunter
Yuga sundown helmet icon1.jpgYuga sundown robes icon1.jpg
Yuga sundown gloves icon1.jpgYuga sundown boots icon1.jpg
Yuga Sundown Armor Set
Warlock Warlock


This item drops from Nur Abath, Naksud and Bok Litur:

Ikelos-SG-v1.0.1 Icon1.jpg
Void IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1
Special ammo Shotgun

This item drops from Kathok, Naksud and Bok Litur:

Ikelos-smg-v1.0.1 icon1.jpg
Arc IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1
Primary ammo Submachine Gun

This item drops from Damkath, Naksud and Bok Litur:

Ikelos-sr-v1.0.1 icon1.jpg
Solar IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1
Special ammo Sniper Rifle


This item drops from the Level 7 chest:

Activate ESCALATION Icon.png
Tracks the number of final bosses defeated in the Escalation Protocol.


This item drops from the Level 7 boss:



These items drop from Level 3 and Level 5 chests:

Pacific Deception Icon.png
Pacific Deception
Groundswell Nullifier99 Icon.png
Groundswell Nullifier99

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