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Tokens were Currency Consumables. They can be traded to Vendors in exchange for Legendary Engrams that draw from a pool of items relevant to that vendor or region. Starting December 12th, certain Vendors will also allow purchase of specific Faction items in exchange for Tokens and Legendary Shards, providing you have redeemed a certain number of Engrams already.

They are divided into two subgroups; Destination and Faction. Destination tokens are earned by participating in Public Events, looting Chests (including those spawned by High Value Targets), clearing Lost Sectors, and completing Challenges specific to a map destination (e.g. the European Dead Zone awards EDZ Tokens) and can then be traded in at that region's Vendor/representative.

Destination Tokens

Currently, 27.5 tokens are required for all Destination vendors.

Faction Tokens

The exact number of tokens required to earn an engram, and means of acquiring the tokens, varies per Faction; see the respective token articles for details.

Faction Rally Tokens

A subset of Faction Tokens, Faction Rally Tokens can only be obtained and redeemed during monthly Faction Rally events, and are gained only when representing a specific faction. They are awarded for completing Strikes (more are awarded for Nightfall mode), Heroic Public Events, specific Faction Rally Challenges, and Lost Sectors. Special scannable objects can sometimes be found in Lost Sectors, and will award additional Faction Rally Tokens if interacted with.

Cost Per Engram

The table below indicates the amount of reputation required per Engram, along with the reputation earned by turning in Tokens and Resources (where appropriate). Values marked with a "?" are unconfirmed.

Faction Reputation/Engram Reputation/Token Resource Reputation/Common Resource Reputation/Rare Resource
EDZ (Devrim) 2750 100 Dusklight 50 250
Titan (Sloane) 2750 100 Alkane 50 250
Nessus (Failsafe) 2750 100 Datalattice 50 250
Io (Asher) 2750 100 Phaseglass 50 250
Mercury (Vance) 2750 100 Simulation Seed 50 250
Crucible (Shaxx) 2000 100? None N/A N/A
Calus (Benedict) 2000 100 None N/A N/A
Gunsmith (Arcite/Banshee) 3000 75 Telemetry 25 N/A
Trials (Emissary) 2000 100? None N/A N/A
Vanguard Research (Ikora) 7000 1000 None N/A N/A
Vanguard Tactician (Zavala) 2000 100 None N/A N/A
Dead Orbit (Jalaal) 2000 100 None N/A N/A
Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2) 2000 100 None N/A N/A
New Monarchy (Hideo) 2000 100 None N/A N/A

In summary;

  • Regional Engrams cost 27.5 tokens, or 27 tokens and 1 green resource if going for 0 waste per engram.
  • Most Faction Engrams cost 20 tokens. Exceptions;
    • Vanguard Research Engrams cost 7 tokens.
    • Gunsmith Engrams cost 40 Materials. Gunsmith Telemetry is of minimal use between its low drop rate and minimal reputation value.
  • Compared to release, regional resources are now significantly more valuable/worth acquiring; green resources are worth around 2.5x as much, whilst blue resources are now worth significantly more than a token instead of being equivalent in value to tokens.