Arcite 99-40

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Arcite 99-40
Name Arcite 99-40
Title Gunsmith
Race Frame
Gender Male-Programmed
Location The Farm
Description Once a champion of the Red Jack frames, Arcite now serves Shaxx and Dahlia as an aide-de-camp.

Arcite 99-40 is an NPC and Vendor that is a reappearing Frame from the original Destiny, but is only an accessible Vendor during the main campaign of the game and will eventually return to his place beside Lord Shaxx, but that will only occur after the completion of the main story. At which point you will be able to see Arcite 99-40 typing away behind a computer next to Lord Shaxx within the main courtyard.


Providing you see Arcite 99-40 before the end of the game, he can be located in one location throughout the game as a Vendor:

  • The Farm – Located inside of the Farm’s main building, you can locate Arcite 99-40 to trade with without too much concern.


Arcite 99-40 is considered a Gunsmith, so it makes sense that this Frame will sell the player a small selection of weapons to choose from right from the very onset. Regardless of your level, Arcite 99-40 will sell to you power appropriate gear, no matter how far you are into the game’s story at this point.

Keeping this in mind, however, Arcite 99-40 doesn’t sell weaponry/gear that is even close to being considered as end-game and is more of a vendor that has his uses in the early game, but quickly becomes outrank after the initial few hours in the game. Just remember, when you do finish the game, this character can no longer be used as a vendor, as he is no longer considered of use for a character of that level.

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