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ConsumableRarityAcquired byFunction
Alkane DustUncommonInteract with Alkane in Titan
Alkane SporeRareInteract with Alkane in Titan
Alkane SporesRare?????
Apex CatalystLegendary?????
Arcology TokenUncommonComplete activities on Titan
Ascendant ArtichokeCommon?????
Ascendant ShardExotic
Balanced FlavorsRareKill enemies with Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Combat Bows
Baryon BoughUncommon
Baryon SaplingRare?????
Black Armory SchematicRare?????
Boon of the CrucibleRare
Boon of the DawningRare
Boon of the VanguardRare
BrayTech SchematicLegendaryLoot Sleeper Nodes on Mars.
Building MaterialCommon?????
Bullet SprayRareKill enemies with Submachine Guns, Auto Rifles and Machine Guns
Cabal OilUncommonKilling Cabal enemies
Celestial KeyLegendary?????
Charge of Light-Tier ICommonDreaming City
Charge of Light-Tier IICommonDreaming City
Charge of Light-Tier IIICommon?????
Charred CeleryCommon?????
Chitin PowderUncommonKilling Hive enemies
Concentrated MattergemLegendary
Crucible TokenUncommon
Dark Ether CaneUncommonKilling Scorn enemies
Dead Orbit TokenUncommonComplete activities during Faction Rallies while pledged to Dead Orbit
Delicious ExplosionRareKill enemies with Grenades, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers
Dusklight CrystalRareInteract with Dusklight in European Dead Zone
Dusklight ShardUncommonInteract with Dusklight in European Dead Zone
EDZ TokenUncommonComplete activities in the EDZ
EDZ Treasure MapRare?????
Electric FlavorRareKill enemies with Arc weapons or abilities
Emperor Calus TokenLegendary
Empyreal KeyLegendary?????
Enhancement CoreLegendary
Enhancement PrismLegendary
Enigmatic InvitationLegendary?????
Essence of DawningRarePerforming activities during The Dawning
Ether CaneUncommonKilling Fallen enemies
Ethereal KeyLegendary?????
Etheric HelixRare?????
Etheric SpiralCommon?????
Eververse Bounty NoteRare?????
Expired Prismatic FacetCommon?????
Expired Ramen CouponCommon?????
FWC TokenUncommonComplete activities during Faction Rallies while pledged to Future War Cult
Faded CardCommon?????
Finest MatterweaveLegendary
Finishing TouchRareKill enemies with Finishers
Fireteam MedallionLegendaryCompleting Story Missions, Purchased from Tess Everis for 50 Bright Dust
Five of SwordsLegendaryPurchased from Xûr
Fizzled OrnamentExotic?????
Flash of InspirationRareGenerate Orbs of Light
Forge PolymerLegendary?????
Fractaline SkimmerRare
Fuel MaterialCommon?????
Ghost FragmentsRareLoot Caches on the Tangled Shore
Gift of Crucible TokensRareReceived at the conclusion of a Crucible match if any player has used a Boon of the Crucible during the match.
Gift of Eververse ShadersRarePossible reward from a Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard or Gleaming Boon of the Crucible
Gift of Vanguard TokensRareReceived at the conclusion of a strike or heroic strike if any player used a Boon of the Vanguard during the activity.
Gleaming Boon of the CrucibleLegendary
Gleaming Boon of the VanguardLegendary
Glittering KeyLegendary?????
Harmonic SeraphiteRare?????
Hellas Basin Treasure MapRare?????
House of Exile BannerCommon?????
Hunter of the HeartCommon?????
Impossible HeatRareKill enemies with Solar weapons or abilities
Io TokenUncommonComplete activities on Io
Io Treasure MapRare?????
Iron Banner TokenUncommonComplete matches in the Iron Banner playlist.
Legendarie, by EververseCommon?????
Letter FragmentCommon?????
Lost Prophecy, Another VerseLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Another Verse FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 1Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 1 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 10Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 10 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 2Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 2 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 3Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 3 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 4Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 4 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 5Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 5 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 6Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 6 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 7Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 7 FulfilledLegendaryObtained from Brother Vance
Lost Prophecy, Verse 8Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 8 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 9Legendary?????
Lost Prophecy, Verse 9 FulfilledLegendary?????
Lucky Rabbit's PawCommon?????
Mars TokenCommon?????
Masterwork CoreLegendary
Memory FragmentLegendary
Mercury Treasure MapRare?????
Microphasic DatalatticeUncommonInteract with Datalattice in Nessus
Mod ComponentsLegendary
Modulus ReportRare?????
Multifaceted FlavorsRareMultikills
Mysterious InvitationLegendary?????
Nessus TokenUncommonComplete activities on Nessus
Nessus Treasure MapRare?????
New Monarchy TokenUncommonComplete activities during Faction Rallies while pledged to New Monarchy
Nightfall ChallengeRare?????
Null TasteRareKill enemies with Void weapons or abilities
Obsidian AcceleratorLegendaryDrops in Forges
Obsidian CrystalExotic?????
Offering to the OracleLegendary?????
Orb of Power
Override FrequencyRare
Perfect TasteRareKill enemies with Precision Damage
Perfectly Normal CoinCommon?????
Personal TouchRareKill enemies with Melee
Phaseglass NeedleUncommonInteract with Phaseglass in Io
Phaseglass SpireRareInteract with Phaseglass in Io
Pinch of LightRareCollect Orbs of Light
Prismatic FacetRareTess Everis
Pure Matterglass LensLegendary?????
Quantized DatalatticeRareInteract with Datalattice in Nessus
Radiant MatrixRare?????
Radiant SeedUncommon?????
Raid BannerLegendary?????
Recon DataUncommonWrathborn Hunts
Resonate StemUncommon
Roryx TestCommon?????
Scavenger's BoonLegendary
Schmoradric CubeCommon?????
Scout Report: EDZRare
Scout Report: Hellas BasinRare?????
Scout Report: IoRare
Scout Report: MercuryRare?????
Scout Report: NessusRare
Scout Report: TitanRare
Scout Reports
Seed of LightExotic?????
Sharp FlavorRareKill enemies with Swords
Spicy Ramen CouponLegendary?????
Spinfoil HatCommon?????
Superb TextureRareKill enemies with Supers
Taken ButterUncommonKilling Taken enemies
Timelost FriendsRare
Tincture of QueensfoilLegendary
Titan Treasure MapRare?????
Trials of the Nine TokenUncommon
Unstable Charge of LightLegendary?????
Upgrade ModuleLegendary
Vanguard Research TokenUncommonReplay weekly Story Missions at Ikora Rey
Vanguard Tactician TokenUncommonCompleting Strikes
Vex MilkUncommonKilling Vex enemies
Weapon TelemetryUncommonChance to drop when you kill enemies with Energy and Power Weapons while using a Ghost Shell with an Analyzer-type Ghost Module
Weaponized MaterialCommon?????
XP BoostRare?????

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