Essence of Dawning

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Essence of Dawning
Essence of dawning icon1.jpg
Type Material
Rarity Rare
Related Item Eva's Holiday Oven 2.0
Description There's something in the air this holiday season. Essence of Dawning can be used to bake gifts in Eva's Holiday Oven. Found by engaging in activities and completing challenges all over the system.
Source Performing activities during The Dawning

Essence of Dawning is a Material Consumable.


This item can be obtained only during the Dawning.

Activity Amount
Patrols 1-3
Adventures 1-3
Public Events 5
Challenges 5
Crucible 11-12
Nightfall and playlist Strikes 15-19
Non-playlist Strikes 6-9
Gambit 17-22
Raids 1
Escalation Protocol 3 per wave
The Blind Well Tier III 8
Heroic Blind Well 10
Forge Ignitions 1-2
Defeating Forge Wardens 10
Wrathborn Hunt Tier I 10
Wrathborn Hunt Tier II 15


Each cookie recipe requires 15 Essences of Dawning. Once the player bakes all cookies at least once, they can Masterwork Eva's Holiday Oven 2.0, and each recipe would require 10 Essences.