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Challenges are (usually) Daily Milestones consisting of very short tasks that you can complete daily, meant to replace Bounties from Destiny. They consist of a selection of activity-specific tasks that reset daily (or weekly, in the case of weekly activities).

  • Daily Challenges reset everyday at 9AM PST / 12PM EST (10AM PDT / 1PM EDT during Daylight Savings Time for regions that observe it).
  • Challenges for activities that refresh weekly (Nightfall Strikes, Raids, Trials of the Nine) reset every Tuesday at the same time as the daily reset.

Every destination except for social spaces and Story Missions (both first-time completions and replays via Meditations) has a challenge system accompanying it. You can see the active challenge by pulling out your Ghost - the challenges appear on the right side. Completing a challenge will give you a token or two for the relevant location. (i.e. EDZ gives EDZ Tokens, Strikes gives Vanguard Tactician Tokens etc.) Further, there is also a daily milestone for completing a particular set of 3 challenges. Doing so usually rewards you with 10 tokens of the appropriate type.

Challenges are initially not available to complete. Rather, the Challenges system must first be unlocked by completing all story missions through Fury, then talking to Ikora Rey at The Farm.

PvE Challenges

PvP Challenges