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The currently active Challenges for this week can be previewed by going to, clicking the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, searching for "Leviathan", and clicking on one of the many duplicate entries for the activity you want to see (if the one you pick doesn't have three challenges, go back and pick a different one).


1. Completion

  • The Proving: Complete every trial Calus has set before you.

2. Underbelly

  • The Labyrinth: Loot 3 of Calus's gifts in the underbelly of the Leviathan.

3. Special Condition

  • The [trial name]: Discover the hidden victory condition in the [trial name].
    • Valid Trials: Gauntlet, Royal Pools, Pleasure Gardens, Throne

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds

1. Completion

  • Clean Sweep: Clear each major encounter in the "Leviathan, Eater of Worlds" raid lair.

2. Performance 1

  • Moments of Power: Generate orbs multiple times.

3. Performance 2

  • The Big Numbers: Get precision kills.
  • By the Light: Get elemental ability kills



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