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Strike Challenges, like most other sorts of Challenges, are always displayed in a specific order, indicated by the numbered headings below. The currently active Challenges can be previewed by going to, clicking the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, and searching for "Vanguard Strikes" or "Heroic Strikes Playlist".

1. Completion (to set the pace)

  • Point Blank: Defeat 20 enemies with precision attacks at close range. ["close range" is less than 10 meters away]
  • Trick Shooting: Rapidly defeat 2 enemies with precision attacks, 10 times.
  • Trigger Discipline: Defeat 2 enemies without reloading, 10 times.
  • As a fireteam, complete 25 kills using Supers.
  • Cycle of Light: Generate 10 orbs for your allies. [Orbs generated by all fireteam members count toward this challenge.]
  • Hat Trick: Defeat 3 or more enemies at once using a Power weapon. ["At once" actually means "within a very short time window", so non-explosive Power weapons can still be used for this challenge.]

2. Elemental Focus

  • Power of the Sun: As a fireteam, defeat 100 enemies using Solar attacks.
  • Ride the Lightning: As a fireteam, defeat 100 enemies using Arc attacks.
  • Null and Void: As a fireteam, defeat 100 enemies using Void attacks.

3. Guardian Abilities

In addition to being inherently class- and subclass-specific, these challenges always appear along with the appropriate Elemental Focus challenge (e.g. Arc Subclass challenges always appear whenever Ride the Lightning appears), indicated below by subclass challenges for each class having the same Solar/Arc/Void ordering as the Elemental Focus challenges above.






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