Arc Soul

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Arc Soul
Arc Soul Aspect.jpg
Class Warlock
Subclass Stormcaller
Tree Attunement of the Elements
Type Passive (pre-Arc 3.0)
Arc Aspect
Element Arc
Radius 31m
Description Cast your Rift to create a Arc Soul that fires at targets in front of you. Allies can pass through your rift to get an Arc Soul. Your Rift charges faster when allies are near. While amplified, your Arc Souls are supercharged and gain increased fire rate.
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Arc Soul is a Stormcaller passive ability. With the introduction of Arc 3.0, it became an Arc Aspect used by Stormcallers and its rate of fire increased while Amplified.

Equipping this Aspect unlocks 2 Arc Fragment slots.

Casting Rift will additionally create an aura for 15s that grants ARC SOUL.

ARC SOUL: Gain an autonomous turret that accompanies you for 12s, shooting a 6-round burst every 0.8s that deals damage to enemies. Arc Soul targets enemies nearest to the crosshair.


An electric eel poised for attack, Electrons sing at your approach. Another familiar joins your ranks.