Sentinel Shield

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Sentinel Shield
Sentinel shield icon1.png
Class Titan
Subclass Sentinel
Type Super
Element Void
Description Summon a shield of Void Light. Press R1/RB to attack, hold L2/LT to guard, and press L1/LB to perform a Shield Throw.


  • Sentinel Shield is the Super ability of Titan's Sentinel subclass. Activating it grants the Titan a shield for a short time which can be thrown or used to block attacks and perform devastating shield charges.



  • In the trenches icon1.png In the Trenches - Kills while surrounded by enemies reduce the cooldown of your Super.
  • Second shield icon1.png Second Shield - Gain an additional shield throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active.


  • Horns of doom icon1.png Doom Fang Pauldron - Shield Bash melee kills recharge Shield Throw. Melee ability kills recharge Sentinel Shield Super.
  • Starless night icon1.png Helm of Saint-14 - Your Ward of Dawn blinds enemies that enter it. Guarding with Sentinel Shield temporarily blinds nearby enemies.


PC Description

"Press [Super] to summon a shield of Void Light. While Sentinel Shield is active, press [Light Attack] to attack. Hold [Heavy Attack] to guard. Press [Grenade] to perform a Shield Throw."

  • In-game, the terms in brackets are replaced with the keys mapped to those functions. Super, Light Attack, Heavy Attack and Grenade are mapped by default to the F, LMB, RMB and Q keys, respectively.

General Ability Notes

  • The Light Attack function causes the Sentinel to perform a shield bash in the general direction of aim. Kills with shield bashes generate Orbs of Light.
  • Both the Heavy Attack and Block functions cause the Sentinel to hold up the shield, creating a hemispherical barrier that completely absorbs incoming attacks, draining some Super energy in the process based on the amount of damage absorbed. The Sentinel generates Orbs of Light whenever significant chunks of damage are absorbed this way.
  • The Grenade function causes the Sentinel to throw the shield in the direction of aim. Upon hitting an enemy or surface, the shield will ricochet several times, aiming itself toward nearby enemies whenever possible, before attempting to return to the Sentinel. Kills by the thrown shield generate Orbs of Light.
    • The Shield Throw ability goes on cooldown once the shield has been thrown. However, catching the thrown shield on its return trip immediately ends the ability's cooldown.
    • Shield Throw is classified as a grenade, so it is affected by grenade modifiers such as Code of the Aggressor's Superior Arsenal ability (grenade kills partially recharge grenade abilities).

Supers You can Block with Sentinel Shield

When you’re in roaming-shield mode, you can hold down L2 to activate shield-block mode.

Super Block?
Sentinel Shield Yes?
Fists of Havoc Yes
Hammer of Sol Yes
Golden Gun Yes
Arc Staff Yes
Shadowshot Yes
Daybreak Yes
Nova Bomb Yes
Stormtrance Yes

You can block any and all super hits directed at your shield, as long as you have enough super energy of your own to endure the block. Every time your shield is hit with an enemy super, your own super bar gets depleted by a noticeable chunk. If while blocking, your super bar is near the end of its cycle, and your shield takes a hit that depletes your own super bar completely, your Titan will enter a sort of "knockback animation", which lasts for about a second. So feel free to go out and use your shield to bait/block whatever enemy supers you like, but make sure you’re keeping a watchful eye on your own bar while you do it.

  • Note: The shield block does not give your Sentinel 100% immunity – you’re still very much vulnerable if attacked from behind.

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