Arc Staff

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Arc Staff
Arc staff icon1.png
Class Hunter
Subclass Arcstrider
Type Super
Element Arc
Description Form a staff of pure Arc energy and acrobatically take out your foes. Hold (melee button) to deflect incoming projectiles with your Arc staff.

Arc Staff is the Super ability of Hunter's Arcstrider subclass.


While Arc Staff is active, Dodge has no cooldown, and kills with Arc Staff generate Orbs of Power.


In this section, R1 = Light Attack and R2 = Heavy Attack (on PC, these are bound by default to LMB and RMB, respectively). Light Attacks consume a small chunk of super energy while Heavy Attacks consume a larger chunk of super energy.

  • R1: Basic attack.
  • R2: Unleash a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground.
  • R1, R2: Basic attack followed by an uppercut.
  • R1, R1, R1: Basic combo with light conal damage.
  • R1, R1, R2: Basic combo with a heavy conal finisher.
  • Airborne R1, R1: Midair spinning attack.
  • Airborne R2: Heavy downward smash. Radial area-of-effect damage centered on the point of impact.



  • Lethal current icon1.png Lethal Current — After dodging, each Arc Staff hit creates a damaging lightning aftershock.


  • Raiden flux icon1.jpg Raiden Flux — Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.

Patch History

  • 2.8.0[1]
    • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue in which players in Arc Staff were able to dodge infinitely even after the super energy had been depleted.


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