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Stormtrance icon1.png
Class Warlock
Subclass Stormcaller
Type Super
Element Arc
Radius 13.5m
Duration 16s
Description Chain Arc lightning from your hands and electrify enemies with devastating streams of Arc Light.
Key Bind Super

Stormtrance is the Super ability of Warlock's Stormcaller subclass.

After casting for 1s, empower with Arc energy that can be unleashed in a stream of lightning.

[Light] and [Heavy] Attack will stream a cone of lightning, hastening energy decay by 20%. This lightning will chain to enemies near a target.


  • Attack range is indicated while attacking.



  • Transcendence icon1.png Transcendence - When cast with full grenade and melee energy, Stormtrance lasts longer and fully restores health.
  • Ionic blink icon1.png Ionic Blink - Activate to teleport during Stormtrance.
  • Landfall icon1.png Landfall - On casting Stormtrance, fire a bolt of lightning into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave under you.


  • Conduction tines icon1.png Crown of Tempests - Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities.

Patch History

  • Damage ramp-up now falls off more slowly after releasing attack button.