Crucible (PvP) Competitive Challenges

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The Competitive and Osiris Competitive playlists have different challenges each day, but both draw from the same pool of challenges. The currently-active challenges for each playlist can be checked by going to, clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, and searching for "Competitive" or "Osiris Competitive".

The Crimson Days playlist, only active during Crimson Days, draws its first challenge from Competitive's 2nd challenge pool and its second challenge from its 1st challenge pool (it draws its third challenge from Quickplay's 3rd pool). Even while it is not available to play, its challenges can be checked using the method given above for the Competitive playlist.

1. Killing Opponents

  • Rocket Beats Everything: As a team, defeat 20 opponents using Power Weapons.
  • Sound and Fury: As a team, defeat 20 opponents using Supers.
  • Pack Hunting: Defeat 20 opponents with 2 or more participating players.

2. Winning

  • On a Roll: Win back-to-back rounds 3 times. [i.e. win 2 rounds in a row 3 times]
  • Hot Streak: As a team, remain undefeated while defeating 3 opponents, 5 times.
  • We're Going Streaking: Win 3 consecutive rounds in a single match.

3. Outclassing Opponents

  • Hold My Light: As a team, rapidly defeat four opponents.
  • Shoot the Glowing One: As a team, defeat 5 opponents while their Supers are active.
  • Deny Their Supply: As a fireteam, load Power Ammo 3 times before the opposing team loads any.



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