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The currently-active challenges for Nessus can be checked by going to, clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, and searching for "Nessus".

1. Area Infiltration

2. Activities

  • Nessus Scavenger: Gather [10 Datalattice / 3 Quantized Datalattice. [Harvest 10 Datalattice objects / Obtain Quantized Datalattice 3 times from harvesting Datalattice objects.]
  • Treasure Hunter: Loot three Fallen or Vex supply caches.
  • Event Horizon: Successfully complete a public event.
  • Walk the Beat: Complete three Patrols. [Listed on as Walking the Beat.]

3. Enemy Kills

  • Scourge of the [enemy faction]: Defeat 75 [enemy faction] enemies.
  • Cut Off One Head: Defeat [a / 3] Vex Hydra(s).
  • Pikejacked: Steal a Fallen Pike and use it to defeat 20 enemies.
  • Right in the Juicebox: Defeat 20 Vex with precision shots.
  • Into the Labyrinth: Defeat 5 Vex Minotaurs.



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