The Cistern

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The Cistern
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Release, The Vex Trial
Lost Sectors Ancient's Haunt
Fallen Enemy Groups 5
Cabal Enemy Groups 2
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 9
Public Events Glimmer Extraction, Injection Rig
Secret Public Events High-Value Target, Pike Gang, Vex Cannon: Launchers, Skirmish
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections The Tangle, Well of Flame, The Anchor, Pools of Luminance, Glade of Echoes
The Cistern is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to The Tangle: In the northeastern part of the Sector, players can find the road towards The Tangle.
  • Exit to Glade of Echoes: The southeastern corner of the map holds the road towards the Glade of Echoes Sector.
  • Exit to Pools of Luminance: Located just north of the exit to Glade of Echoes, there is a tiny gap in the perimeter of the sector. It will lead to Pools of Luminance. It is accessible during the Story Mission Six.
  • Exit to Well of Flame: Climbing the tower's eastern side and reaching the top of the platforms, players will come across the entrance towards Well of Flame.
  • Exit to The Anchor: Head to the corner of the waterfall south of the Northeastern Junction and you will find a Vex cannon. Hop into it to land on a platform in the southwestern corner of the sector, then take the second cannon you will find there to shoot yourself across the bottomless chasm and land in The Anchor.
  • Northeast Junction: This area is the focal point of three roads - the one towards The Tangle, the one towards Glade of Echoes, and the one leading deeper in The Cistern. Pike Gangs and random Fallen enemies can be encountered here.
  • Overhang: This area can be found east of the Northeast Junction. It holds two clusters of Fallen forces, including Marauders and a Captain, as well as a region chest.
  • Main Thoroughfare: This long road runs west from the Northeast Junction. By it, players can find a region chest.
  • White Lake (South): The lake itself has no exploration value. However, the shoreline around the southern part of the Radiolarian lake houses a lot of Fallen enemies and possibly a Public Event.
  • Northwest Promontory: This area is located in the northern part of the Sector. Here, players can encounter the Injection Rig Public Event and when it is inactive - clusters of Cabal enemies.
  • Mighty Tree: Near the western end of the Main Thoroughfare, there is a big tree with red leaves. Around it, players can encounter several Secret Public Events, a Lost Sector, and a couple of scannable objects.
  • Tower Pools: At the base of this area's tower, players can find a cluster of Cabal forces, including Psions and Phalanxes. Additionally, there are two scannable objects there.
  • Pedestal Platforms: This area holds the Sector's Landing Zone, as well as a cluster of Fallen. During The Inverted Spire Strike, this is where the floating platforms that lead to The Anchor will spawn.
  • White Lake (North): If you feel like exploring the northern parts of the White Lake, you can do so on a Sparrow. However, the location is completely barren.

Lost Sectors

  • The Conflux: The Conflux is a small Lost Sector with two chambers and two clusters of Cabal enemies. Its entrance is located directly south of the Northwest Promontory. The Lost Sector is guarded by a Sub-Boss Centurion and clearing it will award players with a Boss Chest.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • A region chest is hidden inside the remains of a Vex globe. It's located on the northwestern shore of the Northwestern Promontory.
  • Around midway through the Main Thoroughfare, there is a very tall Vex structure. Climbing it will award players with a region chest.
  • Just north of the Landing Zone, on the eastern edge of the Sector, players can find a region chest hidden in the Overhang.

Scannable Objects

  • Just southwest of the Northwest Promontory, players can find a scannable object. It is hidden high in a Vex structure.
  • Directly south of the Northwest Promontory, there is a scannable object. It is stuck to the wall of a Vex structure.
  • Just northwest of the main tower in the area, there is a thin pillar of white light. It is in plain sight, in a relatively open area, so it's hard to miss. Also, it is a scannable object.
  • Directly east of the main tower in the area, there is a small peninsula. A Marauder Spear can be found on its southeastern shore. It is a scannable object.
  • Near the Pools of Luminance entrance, higher than ground level, there is a horizontal energy beam running between two ledges. It is a scannable object.


  • There are several clusters of Fallen cannon fodder in the Sector. One of them is around the landing zone and it is led by a Captain, so players should keep their eyes open when landing in The Cistern.
  • Two Cabal clusters can be encountered under regular circumstances - one is always hovering around the Northwest Promontory and the other can be found just north of the main tower in the area.