Secret Public Events

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Secret Public Events are random PvE activities in public Sectors that any Guardian can join. Unlike the regular Public Events, these are not marked on the map and players can't fast travel to them. However, they are also much smaller in scale.

Secret Public Events are announced only by a text message in the lower-left portion the player's screen, and not every time. It's up to the player to locate them, so coming across such an event is often a matter of luck.

Types of Secret Public Events


Fallen Incursion

Glimmer Refinery

High-Value Target

High-Value Target: Tactician

Interceptor Patrol

Pike Gang


Vex Cannon: Launchers

Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak


Rewards for Secret Public Events vary greatly. They range from Glimmer through Pikes and Interceptors to Boss Chests.