The Anchor

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The Anchor
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Strikes The Inverted Spire
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Connections The Cistern, Excavation Site VII
The Anchor is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest

  • Entrance from The Cistern: This is a narrow corridor that leads deeper into The Anchor. It can be reached by using the appropriate Vex cannons in The Cistern. It is the only area of the Sector that is freely accessible under any circumstances.
  • Exit to Excavation Site VII: This area is only accessible during the Strike The Inverted Spire. It will lead players further into the Strike after they have crossed the Anchor Chasm.
  • Anchor Chasm: During the Strike The Inverted Spire, this area will be crawling with Vex enemies. Careful maneuvering is required to traverse this area.


  • During the Strike The Inverted Spire, various types of Vex enemies will be dotted around the Anchor Chasm.
  • While players are visiting this area with no Strike in progress, they will not encounter any enemy forces.