Excavation Site VII

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Excavation Site VII
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Strikes The Inverted Spire
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Connections The Anchor, The Inverted Spire (Sector)
Excavation Site VII is a usually inaccessible Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus. It can only be reached during The Inverted Spire Strike.

Points of Interest

  • Exit to The Anchor: Coming from The Anchor, players will exit onto a high cliff overlooking Excavation Site VII in its entirety.
  • Exit to The Inverted Spire (Sector): This narrow passage will lead into The Inverted Spire itself and the final boss battle of the Strike.
  • Stepping Stones: These floating pillars just ahead of the entrance from The Anchor hover above a bottomless abyss and are guarded by Cabal forces. Players will have to navigate them in order to proceed with the Strike.
  • Vex Paths: Jumping off the final Stepping Stone, players will come across a circular Vex altar. West of it, they will find several Vex-infested paths leading onwards.
  • Crater Field: This vast field was terraformed by a recent bombardment and is now covered in large craters. The Cabal are active in the area and players will have to traverse the field to proceed with their Strike.
  • Cabal Mining Base: This area is heavily guarded by the Cabal, including a couple of Sub-bosses. There are also two Vex cannons that players must use to reach the next area of the Strike.
  • Drill Rig: This is an area that players will have to hold for some time while a Vex cannon gets into position. It is reached by dropping a level down after using the Vex cannons in the Cabal Mining Base. Guardians should expect heavy enemy resistance during the encounter.
  • Vex Gorge: Once players land after employing the cannon at the Drill Rig, they will arrive at this gorge. It features a couple of narrow platforms with a deadly drop and a single floating island between them. Players must cross over the bottomless drop by jumping to the floating island, and then - to the other side.
  • Quarry: In this area, players will encounter a massive drill. They will have to navigate the Quarry counter-clockwise while dodging the deadly drill arms.


  • This Sector is not accessible under normal circumstances. However, during The Inverted Spire Strike, players should expect heavy Cabal and Vex resistance in just about any area of the Sector.