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Alignment Solar
Unlock Stoking The Flame

Sunbreaker is the Solar-based subclass of the Titan crest 2.png Titan class.


Forge the fury of undying suns.

The Hammer fell upon the horde in such numbers as to blind the eye and burn the soul. Our phalanx broke their front lines and incinerated the Thrall that reinforced their flank. I looked around the battlefield with pride upon the scores of once-disparate Guardians united to expel the Hive from our backyard. The Honor of Cormorant would win this day because of differences set aside and alliances hard-struck.

Alas, we both know how that day truly ended. Our early fortunes would be our doom. Green fire and failure would be your sole remembrance of that day.

But I remember different. I saw an alliance forged in the heat of the Sunbreakers' luminescence despite your opposition. That is what I remember.

If our flame should one day flicker and die, let it be to set your history ablaze.



  • Hammer of sol icon1.png Hammer of Sol — Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies.


  • High lift icon1.png High Lift — Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air at greater heights.
  • Strafe lift icon1.png Strafe Lift — Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with strong directional control.
  • Catapult lift icon1.png Catapult Lift — Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.



  • Towering barricade icon1.png Towering Barricade — Create a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire.
  • Rally barricade icon1.png Rally Barricade — Create a small barrier that you can peek over while aiming down sights and that increases reload speed for your equipped weapon when you stand behind it.

Subclass Ability Trees

Titan Subclass 1.png Code of the Fire-Forged

  • Hammer strike icon1.png Hammer Strike — While sprinting, use this melee ability to swing a blazing hammer that weakens enemies.
  • Tempered metal icon1.png Tempered Metal — Solar ability kills grant you and nearby allies bonus movement and reload speed.
  • Explosive pyre icon1.png Explosive Pyre — Enemies killed by Hammer of Sol explode.
  • Vulcans rage icon1.png Vulcan's Rage — Hammers shatter into explosive molten embers on impact.

Titan Subclass 2.png Code of the Devastator

  • Throwing hammer icon1.png Throwing Hammer — Throw a hammer from a distance. After throwing it, picking up the hammer fully recharges your melee ability.
  • Roaring flames icon1.png Roaring Flames — Kills with your solar abilities increase those abilities' damage. Stacks up to three times.
  • Tireless warrior icon1.png Tireless Warrior — After hitting an enemy with your Throwing Hammer, picking up the hammer triggers your health regeneration.
  • Burning maul icon1.png Burning Maul — Summon a flaming maul and crush enemies with the force of an earthquake.
    • Replaces Hammer of Sol as subclass Super.

Titan Subclass 3.png Code of the Siegebreaker

  • Mortar blast icon1.png Mortar Blast — Strike an enemy with this melee ability to release a Solar explosion, setting nearby enemies on fire.
  • Sol invictus icon1.png Sol Invictus — Solar ability kills restore your health. Grenade, melee ability and Sun Warrior kills leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake.
  • Sun warrior icon1.png Sun Warrior — Passing through a Sunspot causes your grenade and melee abilities to recharge faster and your Super to last longer. It also increases all damage you do.
  • Endless siege icon1.png Endless Siege — Hammers create a Sunspot on impact. While standing in Sunspots, you throw hammers faster.

Subclass-Specific Exotics

  • Ashen Wake icon1.jpg Ashen Wake — Fusion Grenades now explode on impact and gain increased throw speed. Final blows with Fusion Grenades grant grenade energy.
  • Hallowfire heart icon1.jpg Hallowfire Heart — Improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities. Greatly improves recharge rate while your Super is charged.
  • Mk. 44 stand asides icon1.jpg Mk. 44 Stand Asides — Grants an overshield when you're sprinting at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash equipped. Hits with these abilities recharge a portion of your melee energy.
  • Phoenix cradle icon1.jpg Phoenix Cradle — Sun Warrior lasts twice as long. Allies who pass through your Sunspots are granted Sun Warrior.

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