Fusion Grenade

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Fusion Grenade
Fusion grenade icon1.png
Class Titan, Warlock
Subclass Sunbreaker, Dawnblade
Type Grenade
Element Solar
Damage 6.5m
Description An explosive grenade that deals bonus damage when it attaches to a target.
Key Bind Grenade

Fusion Grenade is a grenade ability available to both the Sunbreaker and Dawnblade subclasses.

The grenade will explode 1.5s after impact, and will bounce upon ground impact. Hitting an enemy will stick the grenade to their body, causing the explosion to deal bonus damage.


  • The explosion will damage the user.




  • Sol invictus icon1.png Sol Invictus - Solar ability kills restore your health. Grenade and melee ability kills leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake.
  • Sun warrior icon1.png Sun Warrior - Passing through a Sunspot causes your Solar abilities to recharge faster and your Super to last longer.
  • Tempered metal icon1.png Tempered Metal - Solar Ability kills grant you and nearby allies bonus movement and reload speed.



  • Sunfire furnace icon1.png Hallowfire Heart - Greatly improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged.


  • Fusion harness icon1.png Starfire Protocol - Provides an additional Fusion grenade charge. Fusion grenade kills grant Rift energy.

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