Shield Bash

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Shield Bash
Shield bash icon1.png
Class Titan
Subclass Sentinel
Tree Code of the Aggressor
Element Void
Description After sprinting for a short time, use this melee ability to unleash a devastating shield bash that disorients enemies.

Shield Bash is a Sentinel melee ability.

  • Shield Bash is usable if the Titan has been sprinting for at least 1.5 seconds, indicated by the appearance of streamlines in front of the Titan.

Patch History

  • Lunge auto-targeting angle decreased by 50%.
  • Targeted lunge movement distance decreased to 5.5m from 6m.
  • Untargeted lunge movement distance increased to 5.5m from 4.5m.
  • Bonus damage vs. low-tier PvE combatants reduced by 20%.

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