Incendiary Grenade

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Incendiary Grenade
Incendiary grenade icon1.png
Class Titan, Hunter, Warlock
Subclass Sunbreaker, Gunslinger, Dawnblade
Type Grenade
Element Solar
Description A grenade that explodes in a fiery burst and heavily scorches nearby targets.

Incendiary Grenade is one of the 8 grenade abilities that is available to all Solar subclasses.


Abilities (pre-Solar 3.0)


  • Sol invictus icon1.png Sol Invictus - Solar ability kills restore your health. Grenade and melee ability kills leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake.
  • Sun warrior icon1.png Sun Warrior - Passing through a Sunspot causes your Solar abilities to recharge faster and your Super to last longer.
  • Tempered metal icon1.png Tempered Metal - Solar Ability kills grant you and nearby allies bonus movement and reload speed.



  • Sunfire furnace icon1.png Hallowfire Heart - Greatly improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged.