Solar Grenade

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Solar Grenade
Solar grenade icon1.png
Class Warlock
Subclass Dawnblade
Type Grenade
Element Solar
Radius 3.5m
Description A grenade that creates a flare of Solar Light which continuously damages enemies trapped inside.
Key Bind Grenade

Solar Grenade is a grenade ability available to the Dawnblade subclass.

Upon impact, the grenade explodes, applying a 5 tick burn that damages enemies and disables their health regeneration. The blast radiates for 4 seconds to deal continuous damage to enemies within.


  • Multiple instances of the damage-over-time do not stack.
  • The explosion will damage the user.


  • Helium spirals icon1.png Sunbracers — Increases the duration of Solar grenades and grants grenade energy on melee hits.

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