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Trials of the Nine was a 4v4 competitive PvP game mode. It was available every week from Friday 10AM PST / 1PM EST and ends at weekly reset next week.

Trials of the Nine replaced Trials of Osiris of Destiny 1. It launched on September 15, 2017 (10AM PST / 1PM EST), 9 days after the launch of Destiny 2.

The last Trials of the Nine happened on August 24th to August 28th. Trials was put on hold during Season of the Outlaw and Season of the Forge and Trials is getting reworked in the mean time



In Trials of the Nine, two teams of 4 players each battle each other in a Countdown or Survival mode on one Crucible Map that changes every week. There is no match-making, players need to enter as 4-man fireteam. Note that even though you need 260 Power Level to enter, level advantages are disabled.

Once inside match, players' inventories are locked until the end of match. There are no respawns and revives are limited.

Players keep playing until they get 3 losses or 7 wins, which ever comes first. Then players need to reset before playing again.

Rewards Per Win

Win # Reward
1 Access to ground level of The Third Spire where you can trade in tokens for Rep with the Emissary to receive Trials Weapons/Armor.
3 First Platform Trials Engram and previous reward(s)
5 Second Platform Trials Engram and previous reward(s)
7 Access Third Platform and choose 1 of 3 Trials Weapon, Chasing Perfection Emblem and previous reward(s)
Flawless Access to Inside the Spire for Flawless Trials Armor, You Are Worthy Emblem, Ninth Aura and previous reward(s)


After each match, players are awarded with Trials of the Nine Tokens and have a chance of obtaining a Legendary. Once the player has 7 wins or 3 losses, players will be able to turn-in their Trials of the Nine Tokens for Trials Engrams (1 engram per level up). They will also be able to speak to Emissaries in different locations based on number of wins to claim additional rewards.


Season 1

Season 2

WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
A Cold SweatA cold sweat icon1.jpgEnergyHand Cannons78446741371809
A Sudden DeathA sudden death icon1.jpgEnergyShotguns8032333239555
A Swift VerdictA swift verdict icon1.jpgEnergySidearms515746433326012
AdjudicatorAdjudicator icon1.jpgKineticSubmachine Guns256046292460027
Darkest BeforeDarkest before icon1.jpgEnergyPulse Rifles234153344154036
JudgmentJudgment icon1.jpgKineticHand Cannons84504848461409
ProsecutorProsecutor icon1.jpgEnergyAuto Rifles296448515145032
PurposePurpose icon1.jpgKineticScout Rifles604150726020016
RelentlessRelentless icon1.jpgKineticPulse Rifles336054324234027
The EndThe end icon1.jpgEnergyScout Rifles624647504618016
The Last BreathThe last breath icon1.jpgKineticAuto Rifles214849705660043
The Long WalkThe long walk icon1.jpgPower WeaponsSniper Rifles9080283541723



Annihilating Armor SetFaction Armor
Annihilating GreavesLeg ArmorAnnihilating greaves icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks to be immovable." -”Emissary of the Nine
Annihilating GuardGauntletsAnnihilating guard icon1.jpg"For the Light who exercises brute force to win an exchange." -”Emissary of the Nine
Annihilating HelmHelmetsAnnihilating helm icon1.jpg"For one who seeks to use their head in a fight." -”Emissary of the Nine
Annihilating PlateChest ArmorAnnihilating plate icon1.jpg"For one who willingly bleeds for the chance to destroy their opponent." -Emissary of the Nine
Bond RelentlessWarlock BondsBond relentless icon1.jpg"For you as much as for them. They are observing your thoughts." -”Emissary of the Nine
Channeling Armor SetFaction Armor
Channeling CowlHelmetsChanneling cowl icon1.jpg"For those who seek not cunning, but the idea of it." -”Emissary of the Nine
Channeling RobesChest ArmorChanneling robes icon1.jpg"For one who seeks centered moments in war." -”Emissary of the Nine
Channeling WrapsGauntletsChanneling wraps icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks to kill with a gesture." -Emissary of the Nine
Cloak JudgmentHunter CloaksCloak judgment icon1.jpg"For one who fights as the wind flows." -Emissary of the Nine
Cloak RelentlessHunter CloaksCloak relentless icon1.jpg"For you as much as for them. They are observing your swiftness." -Emissary of the Nine
Crushing Armor SetFaction Armor
Crushing GreavesLeg ArmorCrushing greaves icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks to root their stance as their weapon consumes the enemy." -”Emissary of the Nine
Crushing GuardGauntletsCrushing guard icon1.jpg"For one who seeks to reach out... and destroy." -”Emissary of the Nine
Crushing HelmHelmetsCrushing helm icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks to attack with their entire body." -”Emissary of the Nine
Crushing PlateChest ArmorCrushing plate icon1.jpg"For the Light who challenges a blow by staring into it." -Emissary of the Nine
Floating Armor SetFaction Armor
Floating BootsLeg ArmorFloating boots icon1.jpg"For those who seek not swiftness, but the idea of it." -”Emissary of the Nine
Floating CowlHelmetsFloating cowl icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks the freedom to vanish." -Emissary of the Nine
Floating GripsGauntletsFloating grips icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks complete movement in their strike." -”Emissary of the Nine
Floating VestChest ArmorFloating vest icon1.jpg"For one who does not challenge the blow, but avoids it altogether." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing Armor SetFaction Armor
Flowing BootsLeg ArmorFlowing boots icon1.jpg"For one who covets silent steps." -Emissary of the Nine
Flowing CowlHelmetsFlowing cowl icon1.jpg"For the Light who moves under cover of dark." -Emissary of the Nine
Flowing GripsGauntletsFlowing grips icon1.jpg"For those to whom precision is a necessity." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing TreadsLeg ArmorFlowing treads icon1.jpg"For those who seek to be elsewhere." Emissary of the Nine
Flowing VestChest ArmorFlowing vest icon1.jpg"For those to whom the agency to move is both attack and defense." -”Emissary of the Nine
Focusing Armor SetFaction Armor
Focusing BootsLeg ArmorFocusing boots icon1.jpg"For one who seek to be everywhere at once." -Emissary of the Nine
Focusing CowlHelmetsFocusing cowl icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks enlightenment as a means to lethality." -”Emissary of the Nine
Focusing RobesChest ArmorFocusing robes icon1.jpg"For those who seek not protection, but a closer connection to the universe." -Emissary of the Nine
Focusing WrapsGauntletsFocusing wraps icon1.jpg"For those to whom a strike is simply a revelation of Light." -Emissary of the Nine
Judgement's WrapWarlock BondsJudgements wrap icon1.jpg"For one who analyzes battle as the philosopher questions the universe." -Emissary of the Nine
Mark JudgmentTitan MarksMark judgment icon1.jpg"A signifier of force." -Emissary of the Nine
Mark RelentlessTitan MarksMark relentless icon1.jpg"For you as much as it is for them. They seek to observe your absolute force." -”Emissary of the Nine



See also: Trials of the Nine Guide

This guide details the basic tactics and skills that players must employ if they are to stand a chance at winning a Trials of the Nine match.

For information on the Trials of the Nine format itself, see its own page.

Basic Skills

In order to win a match, players must rely on five basic skills. They are the criteria that make for a good (or a bad) team.

The basic skills are the following:

  • Mechanical Skill: This encompasses the personal abilities of each player when aiming, moving around the map, or using class abilities. Good spatial awareness and knowing your controller by heart usually result in high mechanical skill.
  • Teamfights: This is the ability of players to fight together with their teammates and know how and when to engage an enemy.
  • Communication: In Trials of the Nine, communication is key. Effective communication can be the difference between a win and a loss.
  • Objective Play: It is essential that all players on a team are familiar with the objectives of the mode. In most PvP Modes, killing your opponents is not enough and winning a match is determined by objective completion instead.
  • Pre-fight Strategy: Strategy, especially in Countdown matches is extremely important. Knowing how to position your team, what lanes to cover, and why to do it will give you a great advantage over players with a weaker (or non-existent) strategy.

Positioning and Peeking

When covering a lane, players must make sure that they have a solid position. Good positions are usually behind corners that you can use as cover where the enemy cannot flank you without exposing themselves. If there is a good line of sight towards your position, with suitable cover nearby, then this is not good positioning.

When you find a suitable position, prepare to peek your enemies and take the shot. When peeking, you will usually have a chance to take one or two shots at most. Also, the enemy will probably be at mid or long range. Therefore, you want to use a Pulse, Scout, Sniper, or Fusion Rifle with high damage per shot. Even if you do not kill an enemy with a single shot, you will weaken them severely, so your teammates can finish the job.

In peeking fights, players must make sure to know their limits. If you are not a very experienced player, make sure to take a shot and immediately return to cover. This will maximize your chances of survival and winning the encounter. However, if you are sure that you will win the battle if you stay in the danger zone for a bit longer, do so.

A good position can be improved further with skillful use of your class abilities. Hunters can roll in and out of cover faster than the other classes, while also reloading a little faster. This allows them to stay in firing position for a bit longer than their enemies. Titans can use their Barricade to protect from flanking and rushing enemies. Warlocks can use their healing and overshield abilities to force an enemy back into cover and wait in the firing lane for them to peek, just to take the first shot.


Duels are the type of fights that little to no cover and are usually won by the players with better mechanical skill. Such fights usually happen in areas where no one can hide or retreat, therefore there is always a winner.

Duels are usually fought with weapons that do a lot of damage at close range, such as SMGs, Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, and Fusion Rifles. These are the weapons types that can win you a duel without extra help from teammates and without using class abilities. Due to the nature of this type of fight, in most cases, it would be unwise to rely on extra help.

Countdown Tips

When it comes to Countdown, Pre-fight Strategy is king. Killing enemy players is of no importance if you are unable to stop the opposing team from completing their objective.

The most important objective is to stop the enemy from advancing, either if they want to plant the bomb, or because you have done it yourself and you are now on defense. Take every opportunity to damage the opposing team and make sure they cannot advance towards the bomb sites without getting punished.

Ideally, you will also effectively communicate with your teammates, so you can focus your fire on one target at a time, ensuring their demise.

When you are on the other end, advancing towards the bomb sites, the best-case scenario would be when you get a kill without losing your teammates. When that happens, start a slow advance towards the enemy positions. If you play as a team, you will be able to use your advantage in numbers to take out the remaining foes and complete your objective.

Using and Dealing With Power Ammo

Power Ammo can be a gamechanger in Countdown matches. It is best used to punish a bad position or a mistake your enemies have allowed. However, against skilled players, you wouldn't find much use for Power Ammo in other than 1v1 or 2v2 fights.

When dealing with an encounter that involves three or all four of your enemies and they have Power Ammo at their disposal, make sure you minimize the time you stay in the open. Ideally, you want to have suitable cover at all times and deny them the chance to take you down with a well-placed Power shot.

Survival Tips

In Survival matches, you want to make sure that you plan ahead and take good positions for covering high-traffic areas. Ideally, you will have three players covering the most popular lanes and one player switching between less-popular lanes and guarding the team against flanking enemies.

Each Survival round will come with a 3-minute timer. If teams have equal lives remaining at the end of it, Overtime will kick in and a capture point will spawn. The first team to capture the point wins the round, so make sure you plan ahead for that. Set up your positions near the end of the round in such a way that you will be close to the capture point if it spawns.

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