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Purpose icon1.jpg
Season 2
Type Scout Rifle
Slot Kinetic
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Kinetic
Foundry The Nine
Archetype Lightweight
Description "You have not yet found your purpose. But it has found you." —Emissary of the Nine
Impact 60
Range 41
Stability 50
Handling 72
Reload Speed 60
Rounds Per Minute 200
Magazine 16
Zoom 20
Inventory Size 55
Aim Assistance 72
Recoil 60
Bounce Intensity 40
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Complete Trials tickets and earn rank-up packages from the Emissary of the Nine.
Purpose PvP Stats
Purpose is a Legendary Scout Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


Sight / Barrel

  • Extended barrel icon1.png Extended Barrel - Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases Range.
    • Decreases Handling Speed.
  • Smallbore icon1.png Smallbore - Dual strength barrel.
    • Increases Range.
    • Increases Stability.
  • Fluted barrel icon1.png Fluted Barrel - Ultra-light barrel.
    • Greatly increases Handling Speed.
    • Slightly increases Stability.

Magazine / Battery

  • Slideshot icon1.png Slideshot - Sliding partially reloads this weapon's magazine and temporarily boosts range and stability.
  • Hip-fire grip icon1.png Hip-Fire Grip - Increases accuracy, stability, and precision hit targeting when firing from the hip.



How to Obtain

Chance to obtain from Trials of the Nine rewards in Season 2 or later

PvP Profile


  • The default shader for this weapon appears to be identical to the Benevolence of the Nine shader.
  • This weapon's model is essentially a re-skin of The End.



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