The Emissary

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The Emissary
Name The Emissary
Title Emissary
Race Awoken
Gender Female
Location The Third Spire
Description A grim arbiter of those who would participate in their Trials, the Emissary speaks for the Nine.

The Emissary is a new NPC and Vendor inside of Destiny 2 and they are the individual who is in charge of judging the Trials of the Nine that rewards Guardians who prove their worth through these trials. She is a character that doesn’t appear in their location until you’ve won at least one game of Trials of the Nine, at which point she will then be located within The Third Spire and nowhere else inside of the game.


The Emissary lives within the confines of the Trials of the Nine social space and nowhere else:

Rewards (Season 1)

Just like many of the other Vendors on offer throughout Destiny 2, The Emissary will accept their own, personal form of tokens in exchange for some reputation point, which will eventually lead to a level up in reputation and that can be used to purchase Faction Rewards. Tokens that The Emissary accepts are known as Trials of the Nine Tokens and all it takes to upgrade that reputation up one level is 20 tokens.

Some of the Faction Rewards you can gain from The Emissary’s rewards are as follows:

Armor Ornaments (Season 2)

If the current character has fulfilled the conditions for any of the five Trials Armor Ornaments, additional copies can be obtained from The Emissary at no cost. Trials Prestige Ornaments require a flawless Trials ticket to unlock.