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Crucible Survival icon.png
Deplete your opponents' lives; then eliminate them.

Survival is a PvP mode accessible from The Crucible. It was previously known as the Competitive playlist. Players earn Glory in this mode.

Survival: Freelance is a special queue for solo players. The matches follow the exact same rules, but players cannot queue for a Freelance match while in a fireteam.


Each team starts the round with a shared pool of four respawn lives. When a player dies, they will consume one life from that pool. The respawn pool cannot be "refilled", which means that each time a life is spent, it is permanent. Players respawn 7 seconds after death and cannot refuse to use a respawn. When the team's respawn pool is depleted, its players cannot respawn and remain in spectator mode.

Each round also features a 2-minute timer after which the round ends or enters overtime. Winning a round can be done by defeating opponents until they deplete their respawn pool and eliminating the ones still standing, or by having more lives left when the time runs out.

If the timer runs out while the teams are tied, the round enters overtime. One more minute is added to the timer, a capture point from the Control mode is introduced to the map, and both teams lose their unused respawns. The team that captures the point wins the round. If overtime also ends in a tie, the round ends and no team receives points.

The first team to win 4 rounds is declared the winner of the match.

There is only one Heavy ammo spawn point, which is usually located in an area that is equally far away from both team spawn points. It spawns in at 60 seconds and then again every 60 seconds.


The following maps support the Survival match type:

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