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Maps and Modes[edit]

Crucible Maps

Crucible Modes


Like in Destiny, The Crucible is where player versus player combat will take place. Players are able to fight in four vs four matches where their gear is balanced. Currently The Crucible will consist of 4 game modes and 6 maps.


First off, points no longer capture faster if multiple people are standing on them. If you currently occupy all capture points, you will earn extra points per kill. Point A and point C will begin as captured. You no longer have to neutralize and capture a point, only capturing will suffice. Match times have been shortened to 8 minutes. Finally, a mercy rule has been introduced; if a team racks up too much of a lead the match will end.

Weapon Stats in PvP[edit]

Weapon Stats in PvP

Additional PvP Activities[edit]


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