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Control is a PvP Mode accessible from The Crucible.


The Control mode is a permanent standard gamemode. This means that Control matches feature an 8-minute time limit and all players will respawn automatically 5 seconds after death.


The Control game mode is similar to the Team Deathmatch Clash mode, but it adds another variable that changes how scoring works. There are 3 capture points in each Control match that need to be captured by a team.

Guardians conquer capture points by standing on them while no enemies are in capture range. The process takes about 10 seconds and is not affected by the number of Guardians taking part in the capture.

Each team begins with a capture point under their control (the one that is the closest to their starting area). The third capture point will initially be neutral.

Depending on the number of capture points held by a team, the points reward for killing an opponent varies. Scoring is calculated as follows:

  • Base Kill Reward: +1 point;
  • Zone Advantage: When a team holds two capture points, killing an enemy will reward their team +2 points;
  • Power Play: When a team holds all three of the capture points, killing an enemy will reward them +3 points;
  • Capture: Conquering a capture point rewards the team that claimed it with +1 point;

Capturing a point will reward you and your team a small portion of super energy. If you are on the point while it is captured, you will gain additional energy on top of this small portion.

The first team to 150 points or the team that has more points at the end of the 10 minutes is declared the winner.

Power Ammo

During Control matches, there is only 1 Power Ammo spawn location. It will spawn in at 45 seconds and then every 120 seconds.


The following maps support the Control match type:

Beginner Tips

  • The more Guardians there are on a capture point, the faster the point will capture.
  • Even if enemy Guardians have Power Play in effect, you can still win in Control matches. Do not risk taking capture points you cannot hold or ones that are too risky to attack. This will only feed the opposite team.
  • Area of Effect attacks are great for keeping enemies away from a Capture Point. Especially ones that stick around for a while (seeker grenades, pulsing grenades, and so on).
  • Stick with your teammates. When playing with random people, often someone will just go off running towards a random capture point. Stick with them and back them up.